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When I first time saw progression tree and you mentioned that there will be around 50 ships to play with I was hyped. But then I realized that we will be able to choose only from 5 ships of each manufactury at tier 5. So yeah...

I was actually hoping there will be some kind of specialization for each class. You know allow us to choose if we want our ship to be more offensive, defensive, supportive and so. Or choose hybrids between classes. That would be so cool. But now I feel like the only thing that has changed are restrictions.

We all know that matchmaking system needed some improvements especially for sorting people by their rank. But tier system doesn't seems to me as a good solution.

First of all I don't like different power levels for different ship tiers. Sooner or later you will be playing game with 5 players T4 vs. 5 players T5 and so. I would much rather see different ships with their own advantages and disadvantages. And all modules to be at similar level to provide meaningful choice. Scalling up hull bar and damage seems to me completely unneccessary and confusing. I would rather therycraft builds around constant numbers!

Next thing is when you want to play with your favorite T5 ship and you will be playing with your friend who only unlocked T2. You will be forced to play T2-T3 ships. GG.

I like progression in this game and unlocking new ships, modules or cosmetic parts is definitively a thing. I wouldn't mind if it will be represented as tree with different branches. But forcing players to play with ships on different power levels is wrong. Honeslty I've been playing so many action RPG so I can tell that power scalling is unneccessary evil. I guess it has some kind of psychological effect on childrens. smile

The last thing is repair cost. When you lost the match you already gain only half of FP. So loosing match will be even more punishing. It's not a big deal but I can imagine it will cause more frustration when playing in public party against pre-made parties or just better fleets few times in a row.

Right now I have really mixed feelings about this change. We will see.

Apologies for my english.

EXACTLY my thoughts, couldn't have said it better, I would LOVE the tech trees themselves, so you can choose what to get to some extend, but with the ships not being tiered, but just different some being faster, but have more armor, and different main guns like the current ships we got right now etc.

Also I actually this will make some of our current problems WORSE, as they mentioned that evne if you are a t5 player you can still jump down in a t1 ship and play that, so essentially we will have ppl(probably whole teams) purposefully fight newbies that are very expereiences and thus will get owned, not like now where they get matched with lowbies simply because of a lack of players (something the release and evne open beta should fix for the most part bu just brining a lot more players into the calculations)

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PLEASE watch the livestream then come back here, what you are describing is the current situation, and not at all how it will work after progression 2.0 if they keep doing what they are planning

I even had been writing with support and in the end he just had to give up too and send it in a bug report (I did send a bug report ingame myself as well before contacting support in first place), that is 4 days ago the last reply from support about just sending it as bug report, really sad I can't play the game smile

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Also Wyv are you saying I am not supposed to deal dmg with the cattaro beam either? That is quite a flawed logic you got there...

If anything your logic is flawed here. I do not recall that we're talking about the Neko here. The Koschei obviously can't do damage with it's main-beam. And the Aion's damage is really low as well (granted, on range it still seems to be higher than the damage of the Neko).

The thread is about the beams of the tactical, so that would include the Cattaro as well...

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Figure out the IP (I use glasswire) and use either the "ping" command or PingPlotter to check your latency.

From what I've seen there are servers in the US and Switzerland. Maybe the game decides to put you there for some reason.

Though I played a lot with my squad where everyone but me lives in the US. And I never had any relevant delays.

Easier way would be to go to joblist, and then "performance" tab there and then click "open resource manager" and then in the new windows to "network" tab, and under "TCP-connections" there find the dreadgame.exe and look at the last collumn (I suppose it would say ping in english, using a quite weird word in danish)

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Thanks for explanationsmile Hope we will get to the point where it will be all clear in game soon. So far I like the gameplay much even though I despise MOBAs (and this one is the first and only I've liked and paid for)...

Ehh this is not a MOBA game though..., if I had to give it some genre it would be a "TP space shooter arena"

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Carrier class, probably would have between 30k health and 20k health (heavy and light), 75% damage reduction, and about as fast as an arty but meant for tactical operations to support the allies (as a carrier does normally)

This thread is over a 1 year old man, and there is a bajillion other and more recent threads about carriers around, so why pick such and old one???

Also quite a few times I want to heal one ship, but the beam locks on to another one with full health even though I am clearly aiming at the other ship that got maybe less than half health.

Yes you should not be able to fire your beam through a ship to another one you want to hit (either for healing of dmg), but if you can find any part of a ship exposed to your line of sight then you should be able to hit it at that point.

Also Wyv are you saying I am not supposed to deal dmg with the cattaro beam either? That is quite a flawed logic you got there...

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LMAO, ok so thats the only way now? if so gotta wait till next week

that, or if you have a friend taht already have a founder pack he can send you an invite, or try get on the dev streams and you give away codes there as well (gotta be pretty lucky to win though ofc)

After todays update 4/4 times I got a game for TDM, it would just sit on the loading screen for a good while and then kick me back to the hangar in the end.

I noticed the last map specifically I was loading was the night version of Dry dock, and all the 3 others at least been Dry dock as well, but didn't notice if they were all night versions or not, dunno if that have any relevance, or if its just coincidental

EDIT: This also happens when trying to go into a "training match".

Tutorial Works fine though