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Huh? The gravitational force vector points towards the planetary center of mass, i.e. down as well, so that makes perfect sense. Also if you got an anti-gravity device on those ships it would make sense that you could manipulate it's strength or raise or lower the ship.

However, "it's a game" is a perfectly sufficient explanation for me, anyway. No strafing is a rather essential part of game play and that's that.

Yeah sorry must have had a brain fart, what I said ofc would be applying to moving up not down xD, but point still stands with that little correction.

And as I said yeah I'm fine if you just don't want it because that how you feel the game should be played, it all those ppl trying to pull logic/realism arguments into it that annoys me as there really is not arguments from that kind logic/realism that would apply

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Honestly, it makes gameplay more challenging. Which is a good thing. Having limits to the direction you can go means you have to make sure you're moving into the right position the right way. That and where would you put the strafe buttons? I've got Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F in use already.

Depends, would make it harder for the attacker to hit a ship that can strafe, but easier for the defenders to avoid all shots. Also trying to hit a dreadnought would probably not be a big difference due to their big size and limited speed, where something like a corvette would be a LOT harder to hit (hmm could actually make cattaro more usefull as that would make it even more usefull for hitscan weapons like the tac's beams as they are easier to hit with)

Plenty of options to how to make it work, could be holding down shift(or some other button) or something to make it strafe (or even a toggle) to mention just 2 ways

Are you trying to do Team Deathmatch or Team Elimnation? if you do elimination yeah expect long queue's barely anyone plays that, death match should usually give a match within 5 minutes

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It is worth noting that bypassing the launcher and integrating with steam can cause problems with patching for updates. If you do this and encounter issues where it tells you that it cannot connect to the server when the servers are up, please go back to launching from the Dreadnought launcher to fix it. We've also seen this come up when people bypass the launcher by making a shortcut to "dreadgame" on their start bar, for example. For best results, you should always open the game using the official Dreadnought launcher.

Even worse I had once or twice actually have the game successfully launch and take me into the hangar even, but when trying to matchmake just sitting there literally matching forever, cause I was missing the latest patch, so might not always be obvious when bypassing the launcher that you actually miss the patch

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Sounds interesting. I would love to have people to play this game with and having a barrel of laughs is right up my ally.

At risk of sounding like a broken record, You are more than welcome to hop unto our discord and check us out (same link as was in the bottom of the first post)

Also it should be noted that the majority of us are from Europe though anyone is welcome, just keep in mind that it will be during European time that the most activity will be happening

You are more than welcome to hop unto our discord as a start, I think we have some ppl that even got some fleet recruitment packs you can get one of (same link as was in the bottom of the first post)

We got 145 members in the community, currently only 6 ppl that have reported they are playing dreadnought.

Do remember that with windows 10 a lot of information about your computer is uploaded to the cloud, (specially if you use cortana, which will basically upload your whole computers files and folders to be able to search when you use her for that, however downloading and installing Spybot Anti-beacon(from the same ppl as Spybot Search&destroy so is developed by people you can trust), can block ALL of that, but ofc if you want to use cortana you have to allow some of it through

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it wasn't added because they wanted the ships to be more slow and ponderous with their movements. It would be kind of odd seeing a monarch straffing in and out of cover lol.

Yeah,they wanted to give the feel that you are "riding" a submarine.Sort of at least.Anyway i will have to agree on ships at that size strafe would be seem silly,its better this way.

It's not anymore silly than them being able to go straight up and down, if anything you could argue it down at least being more silly than sideways strafe on the planetary maps at least, since you are going directly against gravity when going down and as such would need more engine power (and remember sideways/up/down movement does not use the big engines on the back but small engine mounted all across the hull of the ships).

So yeah if there are gameplay reasons fair enough, but please stick to those, since from a logical and realistic viewpoint it does not make sense to not have sideways strafing

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sooo... ballistic worse than the plasma one?. . .

No just different. Ballistic has less burst, but can be used faster. Depends on what you need, do you have the time to grind down your enemy, or do you need him down fast to reduce incoming damage or run away?

The game is meant for partial horizontal progression, they will probably add a lot more modules doing the same, just different. The broadsides and nukes show this pretty clear, they all have the same use, but different options. Although they may need some balancing, or cater to very specialized needs.

Unless the ballistic have a WAY higher average DPS over a longer period that basically does make it useless since burst > sustained dmg in pretty much any PvP game (and dreadnought is no exception here), also with the limited range of broadsides there is no way in the first place you stay close to an enemy to fire more than 1-2 broadside in a row. Different functions is good yes, but those different functions should NOT be about sustained vs burst dps on such a short ranged weapon (or on any weapons in fact, only real thing where a sustained could be a viable option would be main/sec guns really)

I rather keep it as it, with unique name you soon begin to see XBearX and XxXBearXxX and stuff like that instead, which just looks horrible