That is useful info, thanks!

I would be happy to just see how many people are online and what they are queueing for. Eventually that way I could find a time slot where generally more people are online and plan around it. Also, is global chat broken? No one has responded in it for me in like a year now.

Might have better luck getting the makers of World of Tanks to buy this game and invest some capital in it. This really is a great game, but it needs someone with enough money to really give it a big makeover.

It isn't about making healers OP it is about making them fun. Staring at a dreadnought's a$$ for half the battle gets so boring I quit playing healers for the purpose of healing. And this is coming from someone who played a healer for 3 years in Dark Age of Camelot, a healer for 3 years in Warcraft, a healer for 3 years in Warhammer Online.... Playing a healer in this game is just plain not fun because you spend most of your time not even getting to see the battle.

The inconsistency of respawn could use some tweaking. I'd rather it be a set 15 seconds and on the edge of the map somewhere farthest away from the enemy. Too frequently I kill a Vindicta or corvette and literally 15 seconds later they are right on top of me again.

I like the idea of having specific spawn points guarded by defense turrets and/or a super powered overshield bubble so spawn camping doesn't work.

Might make for an interesting game mode to have to fight for control of specific spawn points working towards some central objective you have to capture to win.

I find that the stasis pulse is iffy on stopping a rammer. Routinely I stop them dead in their tracks, but when they activate the ram it boosts them forwards and they end up ramming me to death anyway.

I'm not sure the skill barrier to using the ram effectively is balanced to the ability to instantly kill anything smaller than a dreadnought. This is one of those modules that when stacked in a squad also potentially becomes game breaking. 3 ram Vindictas can easily land 2 instant kills on a charge. That leaves the enemy depleted/confused enough to not be able to then kill off a Vindicta and all 3 escape alive to rinse and repeat. In squad vs squad there is likely a counter, but so far I've mostly seen Vindicta ram squads slaughtering pickup groups.

Scramble pulse is fine by itself. Just raise your shields immediately. If you are skilled you know where the target is roughly and can still hit them. I routinely kill the scrambling ship while I am still scrambled.

The problem comes in a squad setup when 3 ram built vindictas scramble/drain you. You are dead unless you have warp jump. This brings up the issue of this game having potentially too many "I win" combos especially in squad play.

Yeah this game needs some sort of sticky targetting where I can display stats for at least one enemy and one friendly at the same time and then have weapons/heal beams autofiring on those targets. I would like to be able to toggle between autofiring and manual firing. It gets tricky maneuvering while shooting sometimes and I wind up crashing into hills or structures because I can't look around while shooting or healing. Hightech spaceships should have better situational awareness.

I would love to see a 20 on 20 battle in this game, but I wonder how tough that is on the average PC.

Nemo, the whole point of player vs player games is to be "stressed" and challenged and improve. The people who don't want to be stressed are off playing PVE games. Comparing TE in this game to championship WOT is not accurate. Regular WOT has one life and you are out, it has been a huge success despite the fact that everybody only has one gun.

My most memorable battles there are the ones where it was me or me and one other person as the only ones left alive facing off against several more opponents. I will never forget the time I was alone in a JagdPanther vs 5 other people and won with half my team still in spectator mode cheering me on, giving me advice and trying to help me keep track of the last positions and directions of the enemies. My hands were shaking when I won. I want that in this game too and the only time I've felt it a bit was TE.