Don't forget this is a business and not a charity. They need us to buy more than cosmetics for your captain and ship skins. Earning a new module every 3 days when you only need 5 to enjoy a custom setup means you can have one elite T5 end game ship a month and it cost you 30 days elite status, or you could buy credits and do it quicker. They need our wallets to keep the servers running and pay their dev team a salary, office costs etc.

The game is now very generous compared to before, getting to T5 is now quick if you focus. I dont mind the costs if it keeps the game running due to some impatent whales.

I bought them on the Vindicator a very long time ago, the accuracy was fine back then but the issue is the same as now - damage is appalling. They have like 1000km more range than the Vind's main guns and about 25% of the damage. Maybe better for the Blud with its terrible gun accuracy at long range but basically something to avoid, like the machine guns on TACs worse than the beam weapons at all ranges so only useful for the Koschei which only has Tesla otherwise.

So I returned to the game after a very long period of absence, most of a year and i'm liking the changes so far bar a couple:

  1. Chat seems to be broken into rooms rather than a global chat? I didnt realise the game was so big that we needed small rooms with no one talking in them....

  2. I can't zoom out from my ship any more and it's really hampering my enjoyment. I really don't want to be zoomed in so close to my healing potato that I can only see 60% of the surroundings... try healing with that view. Playing anything other than a small corvette is kinda horrible now. Is the view really locked or am I missing something?

Tried Nox with changes.... gone from being a top 3 player to worst score and damage and now my finger hurts after one match.

WORST UPDATE EVER. Thanks for ruining my favourite ship.

Yeah went back to Assault Thrusters after a few frustrating games. I like just how far and how fast you can turn with the emergency manoeuvre but it really didn't cut it. More of a lame hindrance as generally you barely reposition. It needs to shunt you forwards more.

Light tacs can be top of the scoreboard if played right. Harwich is a beast.

At T3 & T4 when trying to unlock modules start off with auto repair beams and pods.

At T4 get the Repair Drone.

Later on turn the Harwich into Anti vette or general pain in the rear with Rep Drone (or Tesla pods or Tractor pod, your choice), Nuke mine with Module Amp OB, Blast Pulse and either cloak or target warp. XP comes out your ears when enemy vettes are on the enemy team, otherwise focus on damaged ships or arties.

Also dont duel medium tacs at mid or long range, your damage isnt much higher. At close range your damage is much much higher. Tesla are only effective at 500 or less metres... just dont bother.

A healing Ram? The act of colliding 2 massive ships into each other producing a good effect? Lay off the booze smile

So I use its OB to quickly engage and disengage targets, but often run out of energy.

I've found Assault Thrusters extremely useful as I can use it with energy to engines to zip across the battlefield or use it when my energy is drained to still get away after making a kill.

I've tried using the forwards/sideways manoeuvre instead but it just dosen't seem all that useful and mostly situational.

Anyone have any success with it or any tips?

Own a Lorica because I enjoy Light class ships the most and the T4 medium hero dread Morning Star but would recommend the Akula medium dread. Lorica has best mid range damage and can hunt/get away nicely but ultimately its health is quite low. The medium dread is more of a do and die as its handling is too poor to get away but it can solo tank without a tac a lot longer and its main guns are fantastic at long range.

Essentially the Lorica is a destroyer with dreadnought modules, a Akula dread is an actual dreadnought.

I often swap the Lorica out of my line up because it dosen't add much. In fact, none of the dreads do really which is lol as they are what the game is named after. Its hard to make XP in a dread and with Ballistic broadside and armour booster pulse I unlocked I have zero reason to unlock anything else as I can tank & dish out damage effectively which is the point of the ship class.