It may be something having to do with my inferior AMD ( card, but if the game keeps lagging to keep aggravating me, then I would be inclined & ponder with second thoughts about Dreadnought. Should the day that Dreadnought meet a similar fate (shutting down servers) as Cloud Pirates, I wouldn't want dead weight on my shoulders, but until that day arrives, I'd stick to my current time on this sci-fi band wagon ship.# I do not want to spend my time being aggravated & venomous in the chat in-game or in the lobby for the many lags & bugs that plague this game.

Lags that freeze your game (& or PC), bugs that keep you from attacking, your ship not showing up & sync after jumping from warp, are inexcusable. With ever growing updates like this to leave my current AMD in the dust then I'd find little time to invest in playing this game.

My feedback is that I'd want an optimized version to not lag on any AMD version that's inferior to the reccomended settings. Otherwise, it'll hinder me from playing at my best, & obstruct my controls. That is my preference on how retardant the game is acting up, with any chance to hard reboot my desktop.

In any case I did get a reply back from Lore Hunter about me opting to terminate my account, though only when I'm ready...