Wyvyrias#8434 posted (#post-24511)

That's a bug.

You need to change your texture quality setting a bit to make it apply the actual graphics.

Interesting, will try. Thanks for the info.

Just a quick question: would you consider to add a third founder option, in the price range of 20 Euro? I think there is big gap between the two options available at the moment.

Thanks =)

Ok, I will resolve myself and finally make "that leap" =)

I am very sorry for happen, again, in France yesterday. I hope that no one of your relative or friend have been involved in that madness =(

TimbaW0lf#9909 posted (#post-9094)

Once I get my invite, count me in! I usually play support/suppression-type roles.

Thank you for joining us =)

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

Beta will start in the early 2016. So, get ready smile

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

I think there is another Irish dude around here. If you half crazy as him, you are going to be totally fine here =D

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

European players for the WIN!

OmegaC#2840 posted (#post-6556)

5. Will people in Alpha or Closed beta be allowed to Stream/Record game play?

About that, as far as I know, in the actual Alpha is not allowed to stream or record/share records of gameplay.

For beta... who know smile ?