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Stop it, you're doing it wrong.

Storm missiles brah... 27k damage before module amper. If you want to be tanky, take energy generator as well. So you can keep shields up. Run the retaliator OB from the Jutland. Every time your shield is hit, it will lower your cool downs. This means moar storm missiles. Sometimes I like to run the Desperate measures OB just so I can get another storm missile out before I die. Oh btw, did I mention Storm Missiles? They're the second module you unlock on the Vigo...

Its nice to read advices from people who all modules have or OBs you can get in the game for your ship.

But if you have this all not you get slattered every game from the top tier player and you can only hope to get in a

few months all the modules and OBs you actually miss. smile

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I've just upgraded vigo, so here's my take. It's slow - almost as slow as lorica. It's also pretty fragile, which means you should really only use it when there are healers on your team - but given that this is the only scenario in which I recommend using it, you might forget about the whole warp thing and just stick to basics like weapon amplifier or module reboot (oddly enough, I'm using warp because of how slow this thing is).

Having said that, if you do have healers on your team, with weapon boosters/amp, it has the best guns in T4. It even beats corvette amped guns in terms of raw power (but, alas - when the enemy is nearby it fires either the top guns or the bottom ones, making your aim always off and having to readjust). I do have problems dealing with corvettes primarily because flack guns lack range - and given how slow it is, moving closer to corvettes as they fire at you is not feasible. For dealing with dreads, I'm using a disruption missile - it does wonders when the dread crawls by with its armor amplification on. For groupies, I am using the goliath missile.

By the way - you CAN fit it with warp as soon as you buy this ship. Just fit it with T3 warp.

You can also fit it with goliath torpedo from t3.

And you need much luck to have the right modules in every game. smile

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This is a part of the job - to survive corvettes again and again. Still you will get more points just repairing most of the time.

Did you read what i wrote smile ? When the enemy is comming and your big mates running away like forest gump .....

they leaving you alone without any protection, its not doable to survive this situations.

Its clear that you have to react dynamic based onto the situation but in some cases ...

If you only play alone there is no way to change that , make a squad with your friends and hope your mates run not away.

I thought it would be better to quit the game and not to wait if the dev nerf corvettes, its no fun anymore.

One corvette farm me three times in my vigo with full t 4 euipment its incredible how overpowerd this corvettes are.

Nerf this really bad balanced corvettes to dead pls.

I understand why the most player quit after they get tier 3 and get stomped every game of this extremly unbalanced corvettes.

The player base is so small and the devs do nothing to change it and get the game more fun as it was in closed Beta.

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I do not think spamming them will help. They know that it is a major issue. It was all the time. It is one of the older Bugs. Promised to fix it in 1.5 already, but I think it is one of these Bugs u can not reproduce reliably, so it is VERY hard to fix.

The other major issue was MM. This you can reproduce and they fixed it with 1.6 finally. So they are working on it. But they can not do miracles. I know myself how hard such a Bug is to find.

I report this bug everytime i get it and hope i get a little compensation for my lost credits ca. 20.000 in the last days. :/

I get kicked again and again and must pay maintenace costs this make me mad. smile

I lose over 15.000 credits in the last days about the "game search" bug.

search for game

find it

get kicked after seconds

must pay maintenance costs

that is really bad

the same today, first game and i get kicked from game after find one and i lose 1367 credits it hurts really strong

Yager/6foot what is about some compensation?

I wanted to buy some Gold, but i think it is better to wait if this game is not more Beta.

I report this the last days every time "report bugs" and now i wait for my compensation. smile

deleted by myself

Some colours cost nothing.

Thx yager your game is so amazing. smile