Im sorry for what i did to you with my Talonis Tiny.

Well we are all clearly having different experiences. One could argue that because of my 80% win rate, most if not all of the people im against are 30+, but they still get slapped and stomped with all the dignity and grace of a birthday clown defecating into a kiddie pool.

Ive come against those comps of destroyers and logis before and had little trouble. There is of course the possibility im going against people who have no idea what they are doing, but that argument only stands for so long before it becomes mute.

I don't believe so, i think that is part of the deal, however i could be wrong. In any case, even if it does, the Morning star is just the T2 dreadnought unlockable fairly early on with some cosmetic differences and some higher tier modules. You can still acquire it's exact build with some extended play. Really even if it does get wiped, you are only losing access to the cosmetic differences.

As a corvette main player i can confirm that bloodless is telling the truth, I can almost guarantee that the enemy's logi will die withing the first 2mins of the game because corvette bullshit. I dont think the game should limit fleet comps in anyway.

If you would like to see what i mean then make sure to add me, same name as here obviously, ill get you on Ts and run you through why this isn't an issue.

Oh, my friend i am sorry to hear this experience.

Hey people, just thought id add to this list. I'm new around here, but ill be as active as i can, after my next video ill finally have my recording set up correctly and then ill be uploading regularly.

Ive been friend inviting everyone i come across ingame and at this moment i have an 80% win rate because corvettes are bullshit. Appart from that i plan to do guides on the various classes and i intent to do full matches of 5 man groups where we work together doing abnormal or logical team builds.

Love you all, Gray.

Thank you for this information.

Simply put, as above. I find that the more people i have in a squad, the longer it takes to find a match, when logic implies that it would be quicker as you have premade so the game needs to find less players.

Is it that this is closed beta, and that is why the server system is, underwhelming to put it mildly. Or is it something else?

  • Gray

I guess you must be the Immoral version.

On a side note i don't think the repair beams should be an unlock, it really should be a feature.