Well that's all fair points, and it might be noobs, although they tend to be higher level than myself constantly, perhaps my mind will change over time. I agree that tractors and the like are good counters and that repair drones exist, so perhaps these fix this, one thing i have yet to do is play this as a serious team, if anyone would be interested in grouping up id love to see what I'm wrong about first hand. currently im powering towards lvl 25 and ill probs be there by the end of the night. im so keen to use that T3 destroyer, it looks hilarious.

Time will tell.

Hello there, my name is Gray. I recently got my hands on dreadnought via friend invite, and boy i am happy to be playing this game. Love you GreyBox Devs. I had some thoughts concerning the current state of support logi cruisers and just some general criticism of the current game. Instead of writing a massive wall of text i figured a video would be more effective, so i went ahead and did that. Quality is as high as i can make it right now, i need better recording software, i know.

Ill be uploading more content regarding dreadnought in the coming week, so if you feel like subing, im not going to fight you on that. I've been juggling ideas with my friends on what we could do to address the pointless secondary weapons on the corvette and logi, and additional primary weapon ideas on every class. Id love to hear any thoughts the Devs or the public have about my ideas. Its likely some of my issues have already been addressed for future patches, but this is my first post and i honestly cant be assed digging through the forums to find out, be kind please.

Love you all, and i hope to farm you in my corvette.


Fly Safe. o7.