Will keep this short Evasive maneuvers cooldown of just 4s is ridiculous and can be spammed way too often.

DM has 10s and turn amp for some weird reason that I can't fathom at all has a whopping 35s.

EM should get the same cooldown as DM and turn amp cooldown needs reducing heavily there is just no point at all in using it currently.

I had closed beta access to the game but due to the DX12 bug was never able to play during CB despite following instructions from support and doing multiple uninstall/re installs.

As you can imagine I was not going to invest in a game that I could not even play and now that I have been able to feel I have missed out through no fault of my own.

Would be nice if the dev's could give us a code or something like that that allows people in this position the chance to still purchase them.

I don't think you can flat out state vets are OP all 3 of them are a bit different.

And I only have issues with the Dover line myself they put out stupid amounts of dps after dropping a drain torp in your face. And they have various options to avoid return damage afterburners warps etc combined with inherent speed and mobility.

I can't speak fully about the other two lines but my experience thus far tells me that the Dover line needs addressing.

Combining such high dps in a small hard to hit package with so many escape options is just not right.

Yes they have low HP but the amount of dps they output means they can kill most ships or escape before they need to even worry about it. On top of this flak guns are such short range that any vet that knows what he is doing can avoid coming into their range for the most part.

On the flip side I think it is way too easy to hit vets with healing beams no skill involved point at target click no lead no nothing.

Won't go into balancing need to get ready for work and the devs probably already have ideas anyway just wanted to add my 2 cents.

Deleted the DreadGame file and still crashing no idea what to do haven't even been able to play yet.

furthest I have been is the hanger before I changed graphical settings.

And that just confuses me further as deleting said file resets the settings why did it get that far the first time and not now grrrrrrrr.

Just had the same issue this fix is like taking the scenic tour instead of the short cut.

Adding graphic settings to the launcher would be handy in a few ways.

Well after following the above steps game is still crashing all my drivers are up to date etc.

Not full of patience today will sort it out when I am on my next days off bit disappointing though smile