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You have a chance to get behind cover with missiles fired at a long range. Stasis ammo, you're screwed. Not really much you can do. 25 seconds is a long time when you're getting shot at. They could at least lower the time of each stasis bullet to 5 seconds.

It is not about them being fired at 14km let me give an example.

Muro fires stasis missile at you from 6km away that missile then has a further 8km range to chase you and when combined with their speed there is nothing u can do unless u are already close to cover.

I have ran behind cover many times only to see the missile go up and over the cover to get me followed by the 2nd missile 3-4s later.

I don't have issue with them being fast nor do i have issue with the delay in hits as annoying as it is.

My issue is purely the range and speed combined leaves you with no chance to escape them.

Missile pulse only ever gets one of them leaving AML as the only option.

And as I said there really is no point in them having 14km range anyway.

The option to Q for the game modes you want would be great 100% needed not everyone likes every mode.

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TE is my favorite game mode. Try staying outside the 3km range they need to close to fire storms. Stasis missile them, pick them off from afar. If you can't do that, try using a disruptor missile on them. Most of the time when destroyers rush in for storm/drain pulse combo, they die. If you're a tac, use purge beam. Many different ways to counter a storm missile combo. Also, any destroyer with EM can outrun storm missiles, so can any vett with PTE. Dreads can armour amp.

The only modules I personally think are OP is the stasis ammo, you can keep someone stasis for 25 seconds -_- And ofc Starlings in T5. Starlings 1 shot you even with shields on, 78k damage. Insane.

I concur with smoker stasis ammo is ridiculous as it stands and I would also add all status missiles to that.

There is absolutely no reason for the 14km range in the first place and that range combined with their speed makes them a tad daft at the mo. not to mention if you know how to fire them there can be a 3-4s delay between the first and second hitting you which then refreshes the effect.

Just no have you even tried to use a ram ??

To get a successful ram you need to get to point blank range and on the way you need to avoid -







and of course missiles and gunfire from anything that spots you.

Rams are fine just as they are I suggest before you complain about it try using it.

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Can we get a ready up system or something? I'm so fed up of losing games, especially TE because the game starts the match before everyone has loaded in, or one team is missing players. 4 matches I had today where my team was made up of 6 players, and the enemy team had 8. as you can guess, it makes TE a waste of time. It is also frustrating for me. As I just waste BB on matches I have no hope of winning because my team is out numbered and out gunned half the time.

Agreed game would take longer but i would gladly accept that to have a full team.

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I want to give my feedback on the game after the matches I made so far.

As I am still a "new" player I will concentrate on how the game felt from this perspective.

At first, I don’t have a very good impression of the game, and will likely stop playing it. I will try to explain why:

  1. The controls are too complicated.

    It is just too much: Left-right, accelerate, break, up down, weapons, boosts. Does’t look to much, but in the game it is, I am just hammering into the keyboard, No, no, UP, I want to go UP, wrong button pressed, rockets incoming where is "E", where is my finger, no, I did not want to fire my torpedos, meanwhile returning fire...

    And it is this all the time. OK, I a sure one will learn to handle it better in time, but for a beginner like me it is a frustrating experience.

  2. The Map is useless

    Honestly, there is nothing to see on the map. There is no usefull information I can get from it, the radius is way too small, AT LEAST it should always show allied ships. Also the hight of the ships should be displayd better.

  3. Healers?

    I mean OK, thats a design joice. Fine, but it gives much responsibility to the healer, and probably the team with the better healer has an advantage. I personaly would skip the healer class.

  4. Up/Down , no direct movement

    Thats a very surprising technique, and I was quite surprised by the way it is implemented. It feels quite strange anyway, and I don’t like this system.

  5. No information on "Fighters"

    So I can choose a "Tactical Bomber", but get no information how to fly it? Not very entertaining.

  6. "Unrealistic"

    OK, this point is of course very personal, as it is a phantasy game in the first place. But: Who designed the ships? I am talking about destroyers first here, but all ships are affected. Do you have an Idea how much such a spaceship would cost? My Destroyer is covered with guns, but they are placed in a way that only 2 - 3 can fire at once. Are you for real? Why would anyone ever design a ship like this? This problem was more or less already solved in WW1, and "now", in the far future, everything is back to zero, or what? One would thing that in the future, on a battleship that cost probably billions and billions of credits, the guns would be placed in a more efficent way. Also, one would think that in the far far future, the computer technique would be good enougt to fire a few guns automaticly when an enemy comes into range. And honestly, they should never miss.

    Maybe I am the only one, but flying a future spaceship that weapons and controls feel like from the 16th century feels a bit dump. But hey, technology is advanced enough to "heal" a ship from distant with some beam. Hello?

    All in all so far the game is not very entertaining to me, and I will not spent much more time into it to find "the hidden gem".

See it as an information why a new player will stop playing it.

But of course I still wish you the best luck with the game.


  1. Controls are just fine and easy to use you obviously just need to get used to them or try changing some keys if it makes it easier for you.

  2. Yes the map is rubbish it is known and will be getting changed

  3. Are healers perfectly balanced probably not but no real issues with them they are a good addition and have their place.

  4. Not entirely sure what you mean here I have no issues going up or down yes you rise and fall slower than you do going forward but that is for obvious reasons.

  5. I think you mean the fighters you can spawn as in TE a bit more info would be good but again never had an issue in this area.

  6. This is just a pointless statement this is a sci fi game do you understand the concept or are you the type that writes in to every show, film and book that bends or breaks rules.

    As for the tech that is the point of sci fi you give your imagination licence while also doing things for balance purposes etc.

If this is not the game for you that's fine plenty of other games out there go enjoy them.

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The minimap actually shows you ships that you AND your allies can see, but you also need to be able to see your allies to share their vision. It's kinda weird but it's does work

That might be how it is supposed to work but it certainly doesn't.

The amount of times i look at my map and it is blank i spin the camera and voila whole fleet appears behind me.

DN know the mini map is garbage and we will get something better soon just a question of when.

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A complete asinine opinion of our clan, based on the fact that you got your a** whipped? Its a game focused on team play, tactics, and communication. If you lost the match, learn from it, get better from it, learn new ways to approach combat, etc. But to completely rag on a entire clan because you got rolled on, is a bit weak minded. We lose matches just like everyone else, but we adapt to it we communicate as a team and figure out how to tackle the situation next time. Everyone who has been playing up to this point knows the MM system is flawed, the Devs are working on it. Its not like we have a special queue that lets us queue for just T4 v T3 for easy matches, and I for one stay out of recruit matches no reason for me to be there. Now if you are getting into Vet matches with T2s you need to put a T1 in your fleet to stay in recruit, if you are personally queuing vet in a T2 you are asking to get stomped, there are plenty of people not associated with our clan who have maxed T4s of there own who will gladly roll over a T2 in a Vet match.

With that being said, have you joined the Dreadnought discord? There are plenty of people to squad and play with, that could help you farm your ships up in no time, if you arent using this resource you are severely limiting your team play options. This is a team game join up on the discord and find a group.

This ^

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IE, I offended him by calling him a seal clubber. This is, of course, obviously true. There is a reason why he farms in platoons of maxed out tier 4s.

so squadding up with friends is seal clubbing lmao you are dumb.

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arty is by far the best class and watching vetts fly into mines is fun too

And it is even funnier hitting blast pulse when u see an arty sat on his mine.