Ninman#9890 posted (#post-137153)

How does the wall make you spin around uncontrollably when you hit it? Is that some sort of module that the wall has? I think we should all get it.

Mhmmm exactly on top of being unbreakable they spin you right round....... baby right round OMG its a dead or alive module.

Do us all a favour and keep it uninstalled eh.

Longer names with custom placement on the ships and a variety of fonts.

Pointless naming ships if no1 gets to see it.

Would combine this with other cometic changes I have mentioned before.

Worry about spam after the storm stay safe peeps.

SOS-Duffman#5092 posted (#post-136667)

Yeah, i have also tried everything on them even assault blink warp doesnt do any dmgwhen i blink through even thin walls. I think those maybe implemented by hackers. Putting those walls in t5 maybe OK, but the recruit players also have to deal with them which is absolutely gamebraking imo.

I think even at T5 they are just too much although I haven't tested the t5 plasma ram yet just maybe that will work.

And having new guys have to deal with this sort of thing is defo bad form imho.

Ok after 2k games I just had to say something it cannot go unsaid any longer.

Walls are OP on a level never before seen and need a serious nerf.

My poor vet just splats against the wall and not even one tiny chip comes away.

I even tried ramming a few with my dread and same story what gives with these OP walls being allowed in the game.

Does anyone else have a different experience with walls if so please share.

Orcus stomps vets problem is not many know it and I will say I agree there is a lack of counters at the lower tiers they need to add some scaled down mods.

Learn how to use energy be aware and use flak when they come in range i kill way too many that do none of this.

Nirahsa#7937 posted (#post-136028)

What's really hilarious is spotting a vette and pretending not to notice. Let them come closer and closer before you suddenly hit them with everything and watch them either explode or flee in a panic.

Yeah i got anyone yesterday like that I knew he had abw so waited for the right time EM spin and blat with the Muro smile

SummdieLaterne#8587 posted (#post-135920)

I really hope they fix the Nox soon, it really cant be that hard.

Blud deals ~50% more damage over distance, has more precise cannons (at least from my ameplay experience with it), has a 13 times bigger clip and a shorter reload. Only blud`s projectile speed is lower.

So the Blud is technically a better artillery cruiser than the nox smile

Lol did not know that the Nox really does suck.

Terrible damage feels too sluggish for a ship that squishy and that gun is a mouse killer.

Pretty much the only viable build is cloak and cata so u are usefull once every 60s.

Good thing Muro and Onager can't use cata too eh..... oh wait of course they can.

Ship is about as usefull as particle turrets.

Been playing the Medusa a bit last few days. The amount of people i kill that don't use shields or switch to flak when i am in range is hilarious.

And i am certainly not a pro vet player nor do i have many modules unlocked.