I dont know if there's a nuke torp bug but there are very effective anti-nuke modules and you get a warning if nukes are launched against you, perhaps yo have been unlucky with an alert enemy? - my experience so far are that all missiles and torps can be mitigated with shields and modules when fully powered. Kudos for nuking yourself though smile

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Was watching the stream you suggested Draex and so far at the 24 minute mark all the stream seems like is like a Warframe streamer who just streams game footage. I think what the OP was talking about is something like this,

As a game in closed-beta I think the Devs should avoid Twitch broadcasts till the game is close to release. Without significant marketing, the twitch audience will be limited and broadcasters will not return to a game that doesn't bolster views- not one single high profile streamer I can think of covered other game release's after streaming the early BETA. OP's suggetion will allow invested BETA testers to be involved and motivated to stick by the game as it evolves to release. Anyone who has watched the Dreadnought twitch streams knows they have been a publicity video with very few viewers and that they were essentially pointless.

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As the game becomes more stable I'd appreciate a regular dev update. The Twitch streams have not fulfilled the role of keeping people up to date so far (based upon the few watching them).

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Exinjeru#7918 posted (#post-33988)

If everyone is doing it, then it's the meta. I'm seeing high level groups doing it too, since the matchmaking is usually broken anyway and throws us against teams of level 50s

Everyone's still constantly using tac cruiser spam. Telling people that it has counters isn't stopping everyone from using it, so clearly the counters aren't working.

If you get a team that can cooperate,2 enemy healers will be your easy launch,dmg dmg and dmg.

Absolutley correct, a healer (or2's) dream is an un-co-ordinated enemy! - Breakfast, lunch AND dinner smile

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In another game I play, which can not be named, I can earn almost 500-1000XP per battle which lasts the same amount of time with vehicles that move just as slow, but not as slow, but on water. What is also taken into account in this other game is the amount of damage you do on the enemy which also adds to your XP. I understand where the OP is coming from, if your going to invest a lot of time you want to be compensated fairly, somehow only getting 100 to 200 per battle does seem to me a bit low for the time you put in. Since I am a noob at the moment do we get anything for the damage we put not just the kills?

I think the other game you speak of can be far more heavily influenced by a single player doing much damage where the smaller teams and demand of teamplay in Dreadnougt are rightly rewarded through winning the match. WoWs is rarely won through stellar teamplay and the best players deserve the pointssmile

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Also if you are only getting 1700 RP per match you really don't need to worry about FP you'll have more than enough to to buy everything by the time you are 50 if you earn so little reputation per game.

May I ask what is considered 'good' RP and where we see the average? Is it the 'average score' on statistics page?

Thanks for the update, really enjoying the game so far!

I've played alot of games in the Tac Cruiser and have yet to see that issue, playing on high settings. There is no Audio feed-back that I've noticed (though I do have other audio programs running usually so if it was subtle I'd miss it).

I do believe the healing effect is scaled down dependent on how many ships are within the AoE which might explain you noticing negligible gains in certain situations but in my experience the pod only really supplements your main heals anyway.

Without the pulse I can see why the pods will be rendered fairly useless for you, I'd suggest running a few training matches with various settings to see if you can get an improvement and reporting a bug either way as the pulse isn't a useful sacrifice to have at low settings!

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my concern is that it promotes people trying to powerlevel by picking a tactical cruiser and next thing you know you have too many healers on the team

I haven't seen that happen often, personally I like to play Tac Cruiser but if someone else chooses one I'll change to whatever the team needs - A team with too many healers just gives free kills/win to an enemy team with half a clue and defeats the object of 'power levelling'.

I found the power to weapons energy selection, and beam boost module (can't remember the name) combined with the power boost module to be seriously powerful with the Cattaro, . At short/mid range it is devastating if well supported. In the right scenario it is probably the most OP ship I've played with so far.