WTF is going on? Since linking my account from PS4 to PC doesn't do s%$t, and you won't give me all my ships, i'm forced to play on PS4. Now when i start the game it just sits at the title screen like it's loading and never does anything.

No wonder the game is failing. You had a great game, but you people are garbage at customer relations. Fix your #$%; i put money into it. (at least when it actually f%#ng worked...)

SAD-Reclaimer#0656 posted (#post-279795) said:

I'm pretty sure there is no cross-safe between PC and PS4, these two platforms exist completely seperate from each other.

So you better keep playing on PS4 to keep all your progress because on PC you'll have to start from scratch.

Why link the account then???


I submitted a bug a few days ago and posted in multiple forums and heard nothing fixing my problem. I moved here from PS4 to PC. I linked my account, and none of my multiple tier 3 and 4 ships are in my hangar and it says I'm level 1.
Please fix this problem, or I (a player that has spent money in the past and is looking to spend more here) will not be continuing to give you my business.

Trying to play on PC but after linking my account from PS4 where I have multiple tier 3 and 4 ships, none of them are in my hangar. I was looking forward to buying elite status and continuing to grind here, but if the account link isn't working, I'm afraid I will not be playing this game any more. I really enjoyed this game a lot, but I'm not going to grind back up to the ships I already should have, especially after spending money on elite status for the extra xp and everything. Where are my ships?!

I've posted several complaints about this, a few days ago and heard nothing from the devs or company. Maybe this is why the game is dying - here I am, literally trying to hand you my money, but you wont offer support and solve my problem. Turning away people looking to pay for your product is a pretty stupid business model.

I guess the thing that gets me is that in order to hit me at that speed from so far, they would need to lead the target by firing in a spot they don't know I'm going to go yet! In the middle of an afterburner turn while turning and changing altitude, boom picked off. It's impossible!

okay, so it's hard not to make this sound like whining, and I understand that.

What's the deal with AI artillary? I'm not exaggerating - I'm 4-6k away from them in a corvette going full speed (sometimes hitting the afterburners) doing up and down manuvers to throw off targeting and flying erratically, again at full speed, and I'm getting sniped by these things.

There's absolutely no way from that distance I should be getting hit while flying like that. I understand if I was flying in a straight line or flying closer so the shots could make it in time, but from that distance and the speed of those shots, unless the person can see into the future, there's simply no way to accurately guess my spiraling or random flight path AT FULL SPEED and land a shot with the amount of time it takes them to reach me at those distances! I think the AI is a little unfair when it comes to artillery.

Is this a thing that's known about? Are people in agreement? Or is it just hitting me harder because I'm the one that keeps getting shot down and feel bitter about it and don't realize it?

Snib#1627 posted (#post-220089) said:

It will blink forward in direct continuation of your current flight path, so aim your nose at the target indeed. Your ship's orientation counts, not where you're aiming at.

Personally I discourage getting very close, at least in my case the module has trouble activating when close and takes seconds before you actually blink. One of the many bugs no doubt. The module blinks a distance of 1600 meters, as long as you leave a little room to come out on the other side you're good.

Thank you, big question on that, when you say my current flight path... does this include me ascending or decending? Because I've come down on targets before and if i had not blinked, it would have definitely collided, but the blink didn't catch them. (mostly, but the other times, i could have gotten lucky) Is it important to be at the same (relative) alititude, or maybe a better word would be horizon line? like relative to the target, should we be on the same horizontal plane? And does it take that decending or ascending momentum into count, or is it only which way my nose is pointing?

Okay, so I thought I understood how it works, but I obviously dont...

I land probably 30% of blink warps despite being within 500 of my target and sometimes even touching my nose against them, pushing them, that's how close i am, and aimed dead center of their ship. And I'm talking about some targets that aren't even moving. There is no doubt in my mind that I am on a straight line right through and this thing somehow misses over and over. It's driving me nuts.

I'm in a Medusa. I've gotten to the point where I will fly past a target and loop around just to get a long straight flight path right at them and with the most perfect of shots, I'm somehow still missing.

Is this bugged or am I somehow mistaken about how it works???

I was to understand that I need to point the nose of my ship directly at my target and be very close. Well, there's gotta be some other factor I'm not getting...

I was really excited about this playstyle and it's just falling apart for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've gone from generally a 1.5 - 3.0 KDR to barely breaking even!

I was excited, because I was about to finally unlock my Nox right before the patch, then I saw the changes and actually didn't have enough. Or so I thought. I LOVE that once the upgrades are paid for, you can claim the ship. A couple games later I walked away with my Nox AND a shiny new Medusa, which I totally love! I'm playing much more often throughout the day now and I see a lot more people playing as well!

I'm surprised not more people are talking about the update. A lot of great stuff. This feels way better than it did before.