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Yeah, I am trying to have fun. But the system still locks me to one ship, because I need modules for it now, which are darn expensive. When I want to get the quad nukes (starling salvo) on my jutland, I cannot just play any other ship.

Nuke salvo has had a damage nerf and cool down increase. They are not as good as they where. Better off taking Tarterus instead.

They're just not utterly broken now, they're still a good option, just not a 'push to cheese half the team' button anymore.

the issue I find with that is, lots of people have already leveled up their ships, so players who've just joined or even played for 100 odd hours have a lot of grinding to do in order to be at the same level.

reporting the same problem. can't get a match at all, just maintenance. perhaps over 7-8k, including the previous days

it's your fleet bruh. put some work into it and gain those credits. don't fret, it's only gonna take about a year or so

I don't mean it's good, as I mentioned in a previous thread I made. BTW I signed your petition some time ago

You think 24k is too much? Should've seen after the update... It used to be 60k for a T3 ship

It's not a directx folder. It's the file game user settings that you can find in C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\DreadGame\Saved\Config.

To open the folder you can start a run box and type %appdata% and then go up a level. You'll see the local folder and go from there

I voted, but won't comment on what works or not for me. My thoughts have already been shared by many of you.

I voted, but won't comment on what works or not for me. My thoughts have already been shared by many of you.

I voted, but I won't comment on what needs to be changed. Lots of my thoughts have been shared by you guys already.

I received an email a couple days ago giving me elite status and an extra 15000 coins. Since I stopped playing 5 hours after the shipyard downgrade released, decided to bite the bullet, upgrade to the latest version and give it another spin. Here's the conclusion:

Logged in without a hitch, proceeded to the marketplace where I selected yet another support cruiser which I just hate playing with (no choice here since it's not on the path of ships I actually want to go towards).

So far so good, I spent 24000 coins (a shitload if you ask me, based on the grind you have to go through) And didn't have enough credits nor xp to upgrade it. Also the tech tree is as confusing as ever.

With my ship being bare bones, I clicked the matchmaking button, a bit eager to see the changes.

The matchmaking took a little over 2 minutes and I was in... Dang the wait, I'm actually a bit excited to see the changes.

The game started and the feelings I had when I quit playing 5 hours after the patch was released, came back. The map is too crowded and seeing all those bars and names on the screen immediately gets confusing. You've got no where to fly, to hide and go support your mates. You've got a corvette up your a&& to which you're an instant kill.

Finished the game with a defeat and I was the last on the board... Defeat the game spat in my face.

And then... "In maintenance " was the middle finger.

It was my first and last game in veteran and I won't even bother playing recruit. I've been checking the forums daily to see any new changes and will continue to do so because I loved this game before this shipyard monster came to light. Don't know unti when though if the maps are so crowded and confusing to play.