I'll start with the latter first, which is kicking a dead horse I know. Not to mention it's been mentioned ad nauseam, so I'm not holding my breath for any meaningful changes.

The AI needs to go back to school. If nothing else, if there is only one real player in a match, they should follow your commands. They're almost worse than real people in that they follow their own program (pun intended) and have no concept of strategy. The opposing team is usually nothing more than a heal ball, and the blue team are just random fkwits.

As for the orbit timer, I'm willing to bet that 99% of the time as soon as getting into a match, no other player characters will join, so why maintain a long timer? Let all the NPCs join, then just start the match after their illogical ship selection.

The silence is deafening.

Since November, if I've read through the dev posts correctly, there have been three patches on PC, with at least two covering some changes.

One on the PS4.

And I don't want to hear this Sony scheduling thing.

If the PC is allegedly still in beta, why is it at a further level than the PS4 that's launched?

When is feature parity going to be had?

Is there a smaller dev team working on the latter?

I've (possibly foolishly) sprung on more GP. I'm starting to think this was a huge error on my part as I'm not seeing ANY level of commitment to this platform as I am on the PC.

Differences in information that's disseminated, where PC patch notes are usually pushed prior to the maint cycles. Sometimes I see it far in advance. Transparancy this and that.

I'm thinking this is kicking a dead horse here and that the community targeted was overestimated given the behavior from the mods and lack of progress thus far.

Apple devces in particular. No formatting. No punctuation. No spell check. No auto cap/decap. Bad quote function (that's cross platform).

If I were to type normally, expecting this to work correctly (sans spelling) it looks like this.

which is a terrible way to type i dont know why this forums software isnt allowing this to happen we end up with runon sentences just pay vbulletin or whaever so we can use this correctly

bad spelling is a product of relying on autocorrect too much but on small keyboards with my fat thumbs its a pain in the ar$e

Ban and delete is a pointless exercise as there is no security whatsoever. Add at least a better captcha as it's only a checkbox, or mod new joins. But I don't think this forum has that capability.

What IS the underlying forum anyway? Seems a bit...custom.

If you want a mod, lemme know. I've run a few forums back in the day.

I did actually. I ended up with a hacked PC, dontated 100,000 rupees, and a bad case of indigestion.

Seven full pages of this cr@p this morning...

Daxten#3759 posted (#post-208165) said:

It's not exactly an "As of late" issue. It's been an issue for months.

Thanks for the pedantic point.
Fix the quoting while you're at it

Daxten#3759 posted (#post-208165) said:

It's not exactly an "As of late" issue. It's been an issue for months.

Thanks for the irrelevant point.

Fix the quoting while you're at it


As you've obviously seen, we've been getting spammed en mass as of late. I'm pretty sure this forum is some custom one off, but can you create a better registration process to kill off these stupid spam posts?

Not really. See the number of updates Fortnite has had over the last few weeks. Hint: it's a lot.

Conversely, there is nothing to say they can't slow down PC updates. As for testing, surely Sony provides some QA/test environment.