It has to pass QA first. Oh wait...that's what WE do.

Ive already said it in nicer words...these devs have no idea what the h3ll theyre doing. This game has been a cluster from day one. Unfortunately they already got my money. Fortunately, they will get no more of my time.

If I worked for this company, Id have already left months ago. If I were a creditor, Id have called in thr debt months ago.

I hope in some small way it works out for them, but guarantee I wont give any other game they create even one look.

I think it's great. It lets you know a match has been found 30m after you've left to do do something else.

The class/line bonus is exactly what's done in Eve. Makes a helluva lotta sense to me.

Considering you don't receive any XP/credits, I can't see it being THAT popular.

Noticed this as well, but I play at odd times relatively speaking. But even with that in mind, it's become worse.

So instead of bringing parity to the two platforms, you burned cycles in creating these custom matches instead?
And you have NO idea when you'll release this patch?

Fire your PM.

To add to the pile.

Had an instance where I had played a bit of a match with whatever artie and, though we lost, received 0 points.

Also, ship selection in orbit is not displaying, more often than not, the icons for the ships selected for other players, AI or otherwise.

EDIT: To clarify, the first time you look at the team makeup, you see it, subsequent views you don't.

Yes is the easy, short, and only answer.

For a new feature (that no one asked for?) those are terrible patch notes.

How many players can a team have? What options can we tweak? Is there a minimum number of player characters that need to be in a match? Or ANY other details as to the change?

Does this mean PC/PS4 feature parity is going the way of the dodo?