Wasn't Paragon popular? Barely made it two years.

Daxten, in hotrod's defense, typing in this forum from an apple device is a new experience. No idea what they're using for forum SW, but it's the worst I've ever seen.

So the update brings us to 1.9. There's my contribution to the notes.

Remember the communication thing everyone's been talking about?

Instead of making a thread about it and insta-closing with no info other than it's happening, why not keep it open so we can chat about it?

Other than a screen shot on about some details as to what's actually getting pushed?

Loading times decreased? Great. By how much? Does that also affect moving from ship to ship in the hangar? Initial game load? Match load? Match exit?

Module panes are, I assume, just a graphical change.

What improvements can be had in orbit? More info? Loadout changes?

Why not let us in on what's patching now? I find it hard to believe, even after just my threads about this thing, that zero insight is given about when a date for a patch is going to be..."we have nothing definitive." "Don't want to speculate." Etc...and then, in less than 24 hours, you drop of "Hey...we're doing some maintenance for the PS4...but we're not going to tell you what we're doing." Do we get to figure it out for ourselves?

Or...are you playing it by ear and pushing some things...see how it goes...etc.

Surely you have a QA environment to vet this out and can definitively say what's what.

That's good to hear. Just for clarification, by remerge you mean merge as I assume there was no split that had taken place at some point in the past?

I would think that, much like Apple leaves it up to the app devs to deceide whether an app is available within a particular market or not, the console game devs should also have the say. I can't see much standing in the way to disallow a game within a particular market.

Well, let those that want to waste time do so. No skin off your back is it?

Really? Well wtf is that about? I'm guess another one of Sony's wise ideas?

I'm going to chalk this one up to probably makes sense without even asking the question.

I'm making an assumption that while in a squad of players with a mix of regional accounts, the player that launches a search for a match will search within their own region's servers.

As mentioned previously, though in the UK, I have a US account, thus I'll hook up with US server matches. Should I have someone in my squad with a UK account in the UK (or US for that matter) and they launch a match, we'll be looking at the UK servers (or EU servers...where ever they're located).

I'd imagine this is a PSN specific thing, not a Dreadnought thing.

I suppose in some respects, this could be a way to get around the I'm in the UK but stuck on US servers problem if true.

Would it really make a difference if it were a purchased game?

It might not just be network latency that's a factor, which you can't do anything about outside of your house anyway, short of perhaps changing providers.

There is a server side aspect as well. If the server is bogged down, it will contribute to the client's latency.

Because the packet sizes are probably small relatively speaking (I've never captured a gaming stream, so I'm taking a swag), that will contibute as well as throughput generally suffers with small packet sizes. Thus if an interface has relatively high load, it's effective throughput will suffer, perhaps buffer if not drop, and latency will skyrocket.

Begs the question about what server side maintenance was just done. More curiosity than anything to know.

That said, I suppose the latency threshold is somewhat game dependant, but I wouldn't want to see anything much higher than 100ms.

Unfortunately for me, I'm in the UK under a US account (PS4) so I'm boned right off the bat.