I've had this happen randomly to me as well. To geek out a bit, I've found myself quoting Sulu in Star Trek VI. Shields...SHIELDS!!

Am I correct in suggesting that it may be more beneficial to grind as hard as possible in an existing T4 ship to get as many modules as possible before the update to PS4, lest we're going to be paying a lot more per module?

I recently took a look at the PC version and it doesn't seem to make any logical sense looking at the tech trees.

In some respects, PS4 players have the benefit of hind sight here given we know what's coming, assuming it will be verbatim to the PC changes.

So, PC folks, knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently?

Much like what's said about 5v5 now, it would just be exaggerated four times. The balance issue is directly related to no organization taken whatsoever when forming a team. That's not the game's fault.

I'm with the above that a much larger map would need exist, but I don't think anyone serious enough to want to play this mode would end up in said ball.

There's no reason a team elimination type game couldn't still work...just a longer, larger version of what already exists really with more intricate stragegies needed to handle the chaos that would ensue.

I would hope that the server side could scale out to handle more sessions, but IF is an accurate term.

I would love to see something that large, but then I might as well play Eve if I really want to get into that kind of battle, different as it is fundamentally.

Surely 8v8 is soon on the horizon. I can't see that being a technical issue on either the PS4 side or server side given other games out there with much higher multiplayer numbers on the former and 8v8 on the PC side regarding the latter.

First startup showed credits again. I played one match before the servers were shut while I did experience the issue, but in my infinite wisdom, I didn't keep track of the earned credit difference.

Ducarius#7273 posted (#post-206562) said:

I would love to see a 20 on 20 battle in this game, but I wonder how tough that is on the average PC.

If consoles can do it...

There is a minimum PC spec for a reason. If that can handle it, no technical reason that can't happen...unless the servers explode, which is more than likely.

While I'm at it...

So you have a post with the subject [IN-MOTION][PC & PS4]EMERGENCYSERVER MAINTENANCE FRIDAY, JANUARY 19TH FROM 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM CST

That says read the Twitter account...

That links back to the forum to another thread...

That goes back to the first thread and the twitter accout.

What are you guys doing?

ANY answer would be good to that question...while accumulated currency has been wiped, are additional gains recorded at all? If not, some compensation needs to be made, eg those with elite status not being able to play need to have a credit for lost time, in particular for those that have been out for a couple of days.

And you're located where?

Sometimes that has been the case, sometimes not. Yesterday I believe was another case of not. It's certainly sporadic though.

Here's an example of what I was talking about...I certainly wasn't in the queue for a period of time that would suggest the score had a chance to run up to what you see...

Also, for what it's worth, my local time was actually 1811, not 1711.