Just keep your crosshair pointed straight up at the sky and fly really, really low so no targets can get under you!

We decided to test the fighters in Team Elimination by trying out an imagined mini-game.

What we did was the following:

- Both teams selected 1 player to fly Monarch.

- All other players killed themselves to respawn as Fighters.

- The Monarchs were not allowed to shoot at each other directly. They could only shoot at the fighters.

- First team to kill the enemy Monarch wins.

Here is the video of the gameplay (all 10 people are in comms together so sorry if it gets loud):

Here's what I took away from it:

  • All of the fighters are largely worthless.

  • The healing does nothing.

  • The bombing runs do little.

  • The main guns do almost no damage, even to other fighters!

  • Fighters cannot easily kill one another unless using the missile-loaded fighter jet.

  • The anti-missile lasers don't seem to work.

  • Tonnes of animation problems.

The way I see it, it's almost as if fighters weren't meant to have any bearing on the game at all. Their only purpose seems to be to keep enemy ships in permanent combat to prevent health from regenerating. But I think there's so much more potential.

My suggestion:

  • Increase the healing to more appreciable amounts.

  • Increase the cooldown on anti-missle laser, increase its effect.

  • Increase damage for the bombs from the bomber.

  • Reduce all of the fighters' HP to make it possible for them to actually kill one another with their primary weapons. (who doesn't love a good dogfight?)

The point I'd like to make is that it would be really, really cool if the fighters had a strong impact on the game, and not just some glorified spectator slot. If one team is running a couple of healing fighters, then the onus should be on the other team to switch into the appropriate fighter jets to shoot them down!

If the fighters' special abilities actually made an impact to the overall game, then there would be more impetus for either team to maintain fighter superiority. A team who is losing will have more fighters to use to take fighter supremacy and regain the advantage for their team.

I think there are quite a few bugs with the stasis weapons at present which is the primary driver for rams being a little out of control.

Things like stasis pulse, stasis ammo, stasis missile are presently not working as intended (you can break the effects simply by shifting energy around). Once these get fixed, rams will have a hard counter.

Until then there are a few other options, but they are very, very limited, especially to new players.

I heard stasis ammo was getting fixed on Wednesday though. So there is hope!

There's no punishment for leaving a game. And yes, if there's a group of 5 players just dominating and trolling then don't say anything. Don't give them the satisfaction.

Just leave the game and find another. I mean, this is basic internet spaceships, people!

The above comment was largely aimed at the final point on updates. The other points need addressing too:

-Lack of Communication

Again, I think the expectations for this are really high. The dev team has been exceptionally vocal. Thor is always on the discord chatting with people. nwood too. In fact, there's almost always at least one staff on there dropping hints and comments. Most developer communities i've ever seemed never even bothered. Communicae was one-way in the form of news letters or forum posts. And the round-tables! My gosh, the devs have to practically bite down on their tongue to keep from saying anything that might later be misconstrued.

-Balance Team

I don't think they're primarily interested in fixing balance right now. It's clear to me, at least, that they are aware of the MAJOR balance issues, and I would expect those to get fixed in due process, but the minor things? I think they have more important things to focus on like progression (IE: the source of income for the game)

-Internal Build

This is unfair, I think. The information imparted to the community about the internal build was very tongue-in-cheek and this sort of post only reinforces the dev's stance on not telling us anything. I mean what does 'two version behind' even mean? I think you're assuming that each version is primarily a content or balance patch. But what might be closer to the truth is that the next version is groundwork for the second--and the devs are playing on the second before releasing the foundation to make sure each release goes smoothly.

I think there are some spectacularly high expectations in terms of the development cycle going on. We received a patch 3 weeks ago.

Most finished games are lucky to see patches every 2-3 months and that's with a team dedicated to producing content and bug fixing. This is a game in its infancy, where most of the team is working on just getting the game working.

We're still missing tonnes of basic features. I would expect a game like this to be at least another 2 months before we get a solid content patch. If it arrives any shorter than that, it would only stand testament to how hard the devs are working to get Dreadnought off the ground.

1) Purge ram all the way.

2) Ah hah! We actually performed this very thing during the alpha.

When two rams charge straight at one another, the result was largely random. It could have been minor variations in the trajectory, but we lined em up best as we could and still it seemed to select one player at random.

So near as we can tell its impossible for both players to die when they ram each other.

Purge weapons, to me, are the tip of the lance. You lead in with it, try to get them where it hurts them most, then you drop it and pull out your sword.

Only in Dreadnought, your ship can only pick one--sword or lance. Ram or Purge ram. Nuke or purge nuke. A team that brings nothing but purge weapons is going to be beaten by the team that brings a mix of both.

A team without purge weapons is an army without cavalry. It's probably going to lose. That doesn't mean they can't sharpen some sticks, dig in, and hope to god the enemy skewers themselves on the pointy end of your spear.

But the sad truth is most pugs will make like the french and run at the first sound of horns blaring in the distance.

NA servers are working normally. It's just you guys

Hey guys!

We're doing a Team Elimination tournament this Sunday, which will, at the very least, get you your requisite Team Elimination games for that contract that's been haunting you. Plus giveaways (raffled)

Read more about it here!