I know I'm late to the party on this topic, but I wanted to share this. Mechwarrior Online has its fair share of flaws, but it had a good system for getting people exposed early on to different kinds of mechs without penalizing them.

When you first log in, you have no money and own no mechs. However, there are 4 mechs available, one of each weight class, for you to use for free. The catch is that you can't customize them and you can't earn experience in them (necessary to level them up -- there is no overall level for your account in that game). Once you play with the free mechs for long enough and earn enough money, you can purchase whatever type of mech you want. There are no level restrictions. If you want to play nothing but heavy mechs, you can, but they're more expensive than light mechs. You also can only own 4 mechs at once unless you buy more slots with real money.

This system allows players to experiment with different classes of mechs without penalty (well, without any huge penalty) and then play the game they way they want in terms of the mechs that they decide to purchase. That was one of the few things MWO did really well, and I'd love to see it in Dreadnaught too. The World of Warships model isn't as rewarding for me because I felt like I had to just punish myself with grind to unlock aircraft carriers, and I quickly got bored with that game. If I had been able to save up for a massive ship without having to buy a dozen others first, I might have stuck with it longer.

Mechwarrior Online currently raises a lot of money by selling mechs for real money months before making them available for purchase with the in-game currency. Is this something that will be considered ok for this game, or does that count as "progression-related items" in your view?

I pretty much stopped coming to this forum because there was never anything new to see. The more devs can keep us updated, even on the stupid little things, the more we'll want to spend time here.

Even if all you did was squash bugs for a week, writing a short paragraph about what the bug was doing and/or how you squashed it would be great. Community building is always a good thing, and it's never too early to start.

A lot of games have "stuns" of some sort which disable your character/ship/whatever for a short period of time. The thing is, the disable always takes the form of you not moving at all. I was thinking it would be interesting if a disable in this game (EMP, hacking, or whatever you want to call it) would instead cause your ship to start moving in a random direction out of your control. Something like "for the next 3 seconds, you will be turning hard to port at 100% thrust." Positioning your ship is important in this game for determining what guns you can bear against your target, so this might spice things up somewhat.

One problem with there being loot in the form of resources is that this system just disguises the existence of another experience bar to be filled by repeated playing. I'm talking about a loot system where you get 400 units of steel in a battle but have to save up for 50,000 units until you can upgrade your guns. This system isn't particularly interesting, since all players will get all of the upgrades eventually depending on how much they play.

The other way to do loot is random drops of complete upgrades. Think of it like killing a boss in an MMO and hoping for a legendary weapon. This loot system is a lot more frustrating since there is no guarantee that players will ever get the upgrade they want/need. Too much is left up to the RNG gods.

A great compromise system can be seen in Blizzard's card game, Hearthstone: players can purchase packs of 5 cards, and cards they don't want can be converted into a general resource, dust. With enough dust, players can buy any single card, but at great expense. This ensures that even if the RNG hates you, with enough effort you can eventually get exactly the cards you want.

I like the compromise system best and hope they take loot in that direction.

Stiefel, I think that's a fair answer. As long as the conversion rate is reasonable, I think the gaming community is prepared to accept buying currency in bulk.

I often wonder what would happen if everyone spawned as the sniper ship. Would your DPS be high enough that you could kill all enemy ships before they got close enough to shoot you?

If you're talking about a long-term vision for the game, then I agree with OP: the broadside needs a lot more visual oomph. I don't care either way about the ram, and personally I dislike the idea of a ram being included in the game to begin with. But now that it's here, I suppose it's fine the way it is. If people want to be able to skin it with a my little Pony rainbow effect, that'd be funny (and likely make the devs a whole pile of cash).

How do I know you're not actually a test account? Hmmmmm???


In general I prefer standalone launchers anyway, so that's good news.