One thing that should change is the xp needed for ships in the tech tree, why does the xp for a Dola more than the dreadnought from same manufacture in same tier?

Ok over the last few weeks I have been dealing with a constant crashing just as a match was about to begin. What happens is I que up for a match after a few min it goes to loading screen then crashes. I have all drivers up to date so it is not on my end. Especially since I can play about 5 games or so then it starts crashing.

I have sent numerous crash reports on the manner prior to the recent patch and I have sent a few today regarding it.

This game is not p2w but on the other hand t2's should not be with t4's

Well since open beta I have had nothing but issues, once I was able to play for a decent amount of time though. Problems I have been having besides server issues is disconnects, can't log in to server, server down, game crashing whenever a match starts ( I have submitted the crash report from that)

There needs to something in place that punishes people that leave the battle to much I just had 3 games in a row where people just leave the battle.

i suggest a threshold of 5-10 disconnects then either xp reduction or 3-5 day ban from game.

I think fighter/bombers should have a range like some of the missiles say 5k or 6k or something. Carriers number 1 enemy would be another carrier and a corvette.. well primary counter to a carrier

I have signed up for alpha/beta testing i hope i get a invite soon interested in seeing what the game is like and give feedback if something needs to be looked at... That is if i find anything that needs to be looked at smile

Dreadnought and Artillery :D