Jarl Sebi#9106 posted (#post-279976) said:

I have the same issue also buddy

while I love the new ships and ideas for the game, Im finding the layout very complicated to be honest, And contracts are still not showing up, Also with teams being larger the maps seam way to small with no room to move it feels a little cramped to me. Saying that ive only played for an hour or so, Im thinking i might have to do a fresh install to get everything working again, Including getting all my fp and gp points back as i purchased the pack with everything. Will give streaming a go this weekend and try to figure the changes out...GG MORF17

Yeah have to admit the game is getting a liitle boring now, progress seams to have slowed right down. You can only play team vs team with no other modes really working, slow matchmaking times, unbalanced teams and glitches galore makes you want to play even less im sorry to say. Hope they get things sorted soon as would hate to have to move to a game like fractured space but cannot wait forever. Its Dissapointing as a streamer as ive enjoyed playing but now its all a little the same old same old. with nothing new happening to keep me interested, will drop in again in a few weeks and hopefully there will be some good news..

Hi all, Since the latest patch a few months back ive had no contracts. The counter counts down then just resets. Ive tried repair, and even re installed the game but nothing seams to fix this problem, If anyone can help me i would be very gratefull. GG Captains ill see you all on the battlefield..... MORF17 smile

Hi Guys since the new patch ive had no Contracts at all pls help, Im losing my point bonuses.

I think a free roam coop campaign would be Fantastic, Trading etc , As the multilayer side will get a little tiresome after a while, But so far im enjoying the Beta

Yeah im having the same issue, When i try to pay using PayPal it goes straight to card payment, instead of checkout as my bank account already linked to PayPal. can someone help