Don't complain at the player, complain at the developer that set it up that way to begin with Lance. It could be argued that its a good thing they bought those ships, since that helps to extend the lifespan of the game as after all nobody is simply going to develop a game AND pay for server hosting out of pocket if they didn't have some means of covering the costs and making something themselves. Fact of the matter is, its a free to play game and so it will need some kind of optional item for currency to bring in profit to cover costs but at the same time its an extremely small pop. In fact at the time of writing this, I believe the game has an smaller population than Fractured Space even despite the fact that Fractured Space had less advertising which again costs money and fewer Youtube content creators pushing it. So the developers are in a position where they need data feedback while having an incredibly small pool of testers to draw on for that, which forces the position of matchmaking being what it is now in order to get games going both to occupy players AND get them statistics on how they are performing in relation to ships, systems, etc.