I haven't played for awhile and was wondering the status of the game. I went to Fractured Space for awhile, but that game went into limbo. Been playing another game (not in space), but was interested in trying to play again, something about retirement and lots of free time.

Are there any decent squadrons to join?

As a reference, I decided to go into Dreadnought and see what I had.

76379 XP that will cost 2303 GB to convert. That will never happen.

377.507 credits for what ever I need.

3646 GB, I think that is enough for 60 days of Elite, plus a little leftover.

I've 11 of the available tier 4 ships. 2 of the arties are equiped well and the Destroyer, Dreadnought, Corvette and Tac are nearly ready to play. I think I was almost to AS, which was going to be my threshold to try PvP again. I think I was closing in on 200 hours of playing.

I put up with being a seal at a seal clubbing for a long while. Played Onslaught most of the time so that there was something I could actually kill.

Proving Grounds was a godsend as I had gotten to the point of needing to play my tier 4 fleet, and new tier 4 ships are nearly useless against seasoned ships with good loadouts. Over the many games that I played in Proving Grounds, I was nearly able to passively level up my chosen tier 4 ships to re-enter PvP. I was also almost to a tier 5 medium arty and gettin close on a tier 5 heavy arty.

Ran into one specific problem while in Proving Grounds. Somewhere about 14 kills the game usually nerfed my score. Getting 617 base points for 23 kills vs. 605 base for 14 wore thin quickly. Oh, and the other ships in your fleet got nothing. Greybox never did resolve this issue for me. Ended up playing most games watching my kills and then doing my best to find a corner to hide in while my team finished the game.

Then, one of the patches made the game litterally unplayable for me and I went elsewhere. I can play again, and I try a game every now and then, but don't find it near as interesting as my newer choice. I've probably played 4 games of Dreadnought in the last six months. I've got over 270 hours in my other choice in that same time and more ingame currency and experience that I really know what to do with. I also spent a good deal more real money there that I did here. Mostly trying to entice my kids to play with me.

For my money, and I did spend a bunch here, I'd suggest a good PvE environment. Proving Grounds is OK, but something with a goal that isn't just how many ships can you kill (especially when you effectively cheat your players out of their winnings). I got really good at that in Proving Grounds and it was getting old.

p.s. for developers: As I was transitioning from tier 2 to tier 3 I ended up playing ships that were already maxed out. Their xp could be converted for "gold", but I was 20-30 short of the amount needed. Rather than letting me convert what I had the "gold" to convert, I was forced to buy more. I think that was the last time I converted experience.

I remember being in the losing end of a 100-0 match awhile back. You're right, no fun.

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Hair for my captain.

Yes, this please.

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I think the problem is more to do with people getting creamed in veteran, and knowing that the people stomping a mudhole in them and walking it dry, are the people who will be making the teams in Legendary.

Exactly, I decided long ago that I had no taste for Legendary. It's fine against bots, fun even, but I'm not interested in PvP Legendary.

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And yet it would seem that hundreds or thousands of people are capable of doing it...

Are you a special snowflake?

I very carefully though about the controls and what joystick (that was available to purchase) had enough buttons and switches to substitue for the keyboard. The game just simply didn't recognize the joystick at all. Tried everything I could, read what was available, and still no success.

For me it wasn't about twitch movement control, it was about controls that felt more like "flying" which is approximately what you do in a spaceship.

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Having the hero ship attached to the cosmetics 0/10

Please de-couple the ship and the art. I have so many hero ships and use none of them. Even if they were 100% free xp, I still might not value them enough for a fleet spot. I prefer to play my ships that have been customized. If you want $10, just let me put a xp/cr boost on my normal ship.

I agree, it would be cool to be able to buy forecastles/bridges/hulls/sterns for our ships in addition to coatings/decals/etc... Sinley bay is supposed to be a mercenary den, so it makes sense to be able to buy bits and pieces from other ships.

That's an idea I could get behind, buying parts. The only thing I use my hero ships for is their parts on regular ships. The cost to convert to FreeXP is somewhere just short of highway robbery.

One of the things I like about Fractured Space is the relatively reasonable cost of things, and I've spent far more money over there, than here, in far less invested time.

Over there I'm sitting on over two years of their equivalent of Elite status and enough credits to buy every ship left and every crew mwmber left and level them out. I have more fun there too.

Got a chance to up my settings. Resolution was good (2560x1080), went to epic.

Seemed to fix things, mostly. aim is still a bit weak, but better.

Tried on the system with my old graphics card (newer system, same motherboard/ Ryzen 3 1400 and only 8 gigs of memory). That came up better and gave me hope.

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Can't hit things? probably a bit rusty.

Not moving? Don't know, kind of odd.

As for the graphics, have you checked the settings? theer was a bug a few months back that reset all the graphics setting, after a patch, so you might just need to re adjust your settings.

On the can't hit things, it was watching my shots go left or right of cursor. I've played a lot of Murometz, I know how it should react.

I will check the settings to see if one of the latest patches did indeed tone down my settings. I run a 34 in. 2560x1080, which I like a lot. I used to run max settings.