I fired up Dreadnought after a several month absense. These are my thoughts.

My computer was not being beat up so badly, but the game has a distinctly cartoonish quality to the graphics. Much less detail than before.

Can't hit the broadside of a barn, what happened to accuracy? (Murometz)

Found myself pushing "s" to go in reverse and went nowhere. Checked around me and I was not up against anything, so I just don't get it.

Some of the reports looked better, but everything still has that cartooninsh quality. I've upgraded to a gtx 1070ti from an RX480, is that part of the trade off?

Generally, not impressed. Having more fun in Fractured Space at the moment. It will probably be some months before I check back in.

As soon as you have a couple of tier 4 ships, you can create a Legendary fleet. You can use the same ships that exist in Veterans if you wish.

Now you can play Veteran, Legendary and Veteran in succession. If you don't like the idea of being seal clubbed, do Legendary as Proving Grounds.

Then wait for the Veteran battle bonus to reset and do it again. Legendary should have reset after two Veteran matches and some time in between.

Less waiting that way.

The "0" score I reported months ago. Provided decent documentation too. Don't think they particularly care.

FWIW, sometimes you can get past the 590-619 score. I think your score has to add up in such a way as to bypass the "dead zone". Haven't figure out how that happens yet, and not particularly interested any more.

I just noticed that my avatar has changed. How did that happen?

And, one last observation, although Fractured Space's space dock is not interactive like Dreadnought, I think I like it better. It also doesn't beat the hec.k out of my machine either.

If I have my chronologies right, I joined Dreadnought (with a Mercenary Pack, had to buy your way in during closed beta) shortly after the last wipe.

It was what I wanted from a game. I was new to gaming, but have been around it since my kids were little, just doing dad things instead.

Since I joined right after the last wipe, I got to face lots of experienced captains working their way back to their preferred tier levels. It wasn't pretty for someone without gaming reflexes, but that knowledge let me continue to play inspite of constantly feeling like being a seal at a clubbing. I didn't expect too much, and I wasn't disappointed.

Through some interesting happenstance, my Mercenary pack was refunded unexpectantly, and I was left witht the same three shipps everyone else started out with. Luckily for me, GB and Elite status stayed, just no hero ships. In time, I actually got my money back and Grey Box gave me a free Mercenary Pack for my trouble. This let me play for 60 days with Elite status and a bunch of GB. Not knowing any better, I bought everything in each tier up through tier 3.

Early on I got to join Veterans matches when queueing for Recruit, so the seal clubbing was frequently worse. Eventually I made the move to go into Veterans on purpose. The amount of GB it took to convert the XP to FreeXP on ships that I liked to play, abused me of the notion of going back to Recruit on purpose.

I had started playing with two of my grown sons, who were finishing up studies or transiting from one home to the other. The abuse of being drawn in to Veterans games when queued to Recruit, and the agregious maintenance that began with Veterans, left both with little desire to play. One just quit, and the other only occasionally joined me.

In spite of all that, I found enjoyment. Dola he.ll tried my patience severely, but I got to about 9 tier 4 ships, the ones I thought I would like to play.

When Proving Grounds was relased, before maintenance went away, I finally had a way to play my hard earned tier 4 ships without the expected maintenance penalty. I've played little else since. I ventured into regular matches when my one son would choose to play, but otherwise chose to avoid them.

While in Proving Grounds I rediscovered Artys and finished playing the two I needed to finish to advance them to tier 4. Then I played them almost exclusively after that. I put the same 4 ships, that I expected to someday go into regular matches with, in both Veteran and Legendary, and had one arty in Veteran and one in Legendary. That way the passive leveling on the ships progressed more quickly. Interestingly enough, the first tier 4 ship I got was the other arty, but it got nerfed before I started playing tier 4 (maintenance at tier 4 was brutal and my record was not helping my confidence).

Battle bonus, and the end of maintenance, was delightful. Just enough play time if you balance your fleets right, and then wait for a while, and do it again. Twice through was abaout all I cared for usually.

I did discover an intersting bug, that I have not seen fixed yet. When you play an arty in Proving Grounds, you have a decent shot at kills in the 15 to 23 range during a match, especially if you are the only real player. Seems that soemwhere about 14 - 15 kills, your score gets nerfed badly. You go from a base score of high 600s or above, to 590 - 619. Oh and none of the ships in your fleet get any points, except the one you flew. Yes, I've given plenty of documetationto the developers.

Then 1.9.1 happened and I couldn't play at all. Grey box had generally been good about resolving issues, but this was going to have to wait until another patch

During this time, one sone graduated from college and moved away to his first career job. We had played golf together instead of Dreadnought. The other played with me for a while, off and on. As he was getting ready to relocate, he sought out a game that we could play online together. I find little interest in most games, but acceded to try Fratured Space.

The rest of this post will be an experiential comparison, what I liked and didn't about each.

Dreadnought is 8v8, on PC, and Fractured Space is 5v5. Fractured Space is released on Steam, Dreadnought is still in Beta.

The maps are better in Dreadnought, as are most of the animations. The Dreadnought benchmark tool used to be more fun to watch. The guns all moved, silos opened when missles were fired etc. Then they seemed to go to tracers from the guns that didn't swivel (junky looking effect) to the latest where no shots or missles were fired at all, the ships just circled and then one blows up.

Fractured Space has four ships that you can try for free. These four change periodically, so you can try many ships in actual play.

There is no tier structure in Fractured Space, any ship can face any other ship on a pretty much equal footing. Piloting skills do matter. If this is what the pre-shipyard days were like, I understand now.

Dreadnought has Officer Briefings and Fractured Space has selectable crewmen and implants that enhance their abilities.

Fractured Space has a quick play mode, that is essentially Proving Grounds, but I prefer it better.

Fractured Space has several objectives in each game besides who can kill the most ships.

Dreadnought lets you change ships after every death, until the match is over. Fractured Space only lets you play the ship you chose at the beginning of the match.

If you drop off in Fractured Space you are strongly encouraged to rejoin the match you were a part of, and you actually can.

There seems to be only one ship in Fractured Space that can be played by more than one person. That would be the one you get when you first join. By the way, it's a pretty potent ship and worth choosing.

This insistance on no duplication, encourages you to learn to play more than one ship, in case someone with higher priority in that match chooses the ship you prefer to play.

Fractured Space also offer tips on what ships your team could use, as you are selecting at the beginning of the match.

Fractured Space also has a shooting range where you can try any ship against a target ship.

Many of the things I found in Fractured Space are ideas I first encountered in this forum as requests from players. I now understand where they were coming from.

I liked Onslaught best of the PVP modes in Dreadnought. As a result I can see my general preference for Fractured Space at present, with it's emphasis on PvE elements. I find I like the MOBA aspects which I have never before experienced personally. Seen it for years as my kids played, just never participated before.

Are any of the elements that I brought up, do-able in Dreadnought?

I will be interested in seeing Havoc Mode, when it shows up on PC

I found that the Dola needed modules to do decent damage. If you are not using missles and torpedos then you will get creamed. As I recall it comes with module regenerator which renews its modules quickly, but you can't use it very often.

Some of my worst games, and some of my best. The best were always accompanied by a tac on my tail and me in the thick of things.

Actually, I tried that. still broken.

I noticed last night that the nightly barrage of spam all had special characters as the first character in their message topic. Could you filter the spam out though that identification?

FWIW, I've played lots of Legendary matches, but always in Proving Grounds. Proving Grounds became available about the same time as maintenance went away. A few matches in my tier 4 ships had me not wishing to play them, till maintenance was gone. Then I wanted to get some decent modules before rejoining regular play and Proving Grounds allowed me to do so. After a bit, I realized that my tier 4 ships could also play Legendary. Legendary Proving Ground matches are about like Veteran Proving Ground matches, except for an occasional tier 5 opponent.

With Proving Grounds I rediscovered artys. Had the Nox already, didn't use it before they nerfed it. Haven't tried since. Got both other tier 4 arties with Proving Grounds, and have almost gotten one of their tier 5 follow ons.

I am almost to the point of getting 5 other ships ready to take into regular matches (with appropriate modules and Officer Briefings).

Then 1.9.1 happened. I can't even play right now, and I have 3 months worth of Elite status I can buy with available GB.

Fractured Space has an interesting enough PvE mode that I'm not missing Dreadnought much. We'll see if they ever patch the game so that I can play again (it's reported that others have the same problem that I have).

You can queue into Proving Grounds in Legendary. You can practice with your tier5 ships there, and at least earn some credits. Don't kill more than 14 ships though or you will probably get your score nerfed and there will be no points awarded to your other ships.

I've almost gotten a tier 5 arty with my tier4 ships that way. I have mostly the same tier4 ships in Veterans as in Legendary. Almost have playable tier4 ships in other categories. They are mostly useless out of the box.

I play Veterans, Legendary and then wait a few minutes for the Battle Bonus to reset for Veterans. Or should I say played. 1.9.1 killed my ability to play. Screwed up my environment (2560x1080 center monitor). Waiting for the next patch to see if I can play again.