I started in January. Played with Elite status for most of the time since. Got to be seal clubbed a lot while working through the ranks.

Tier 4 ships feel worse than the tier 3 ships you used to unlock them. If there is a precursor, you may use the modules from the tier 3 variant. Makes a lot of difference in enjoyablility.

If it first appears as a tier 4 ship (Koschei, Jutland) you just have to grind through it.

During my tenure so far, my computer has been pretty consistently trouble free. What bugs there were did not keep me from playing, just sucked some of the will to play.

That all changed with 1.9.1. The enhancements to the graphics brought me down hard. My 34 in. 2560x1080 monitor worked fine until then, even though it was technically not supported. Now my mouse won't work on part of the screen, shows up on the monitor on the right, and the main monitor, and basically responds like cr*p. Crashed almost every time I try to play and winds up my computer to high gear just trying to get into the hangar.

Yes I've uninstalled it, for now. We'll see if it is working after the next patch.

I took up Fractured Space while waiting for the next patch. If the tier progression there is anything like pre-shipyard, I now get it. Much prefer no tier levels.

Doesn't seem so grindy. I'm only about 9-10 hours in so far, but enjoying myself. If Greybox never fixes my issue ( I hear others also have it), then I will manage. Otherwise, I've got 3 months worth of Elite I can pay for with current GB.

Looking at getting a 2in1 laptop soon and was hoping I could also play dreadnought on it. I know that I've seen people play on laptops, but I want a thin and light 2in1. Curious if anyone has experience.

Yes I know that AMD is about to release new chips with Ryzen cores and vega GPU bits. I'll wait for on of those, but if someone is using the about to be older chip, it would provide good info.

I've found a bug in scoring in the 590 to 620 range. They have lots of documentation on it from me.

How it works: if you get a score in that range, your score seems to stop, no matter what you do. If the other ships in your fleet get 0 experience at the end of the match, you've definitely encountered the bug.

I found it in Proving Grounds where getting anything over 14 kills was likely going to get my score nerfed. No fun when you finish a 23 kill game and your base score is in the nerf range. Every once in a while, magic happens and you break beyond the trap and life is good.

I'm someone else that can't play since 1.9. Kinda suxs.

I can't even play anymore. Resolution troubles, multiple cursors, unresponsive controls when cursor/s are on right side of screen.

Game continuously resets my resolution to much lower settings every time I try to get in. Constant crashes when I did get in yseterday. Can't even get in today. Yes I've uninstalled, and re-installed.

Buy $20 worth of GB. Convert it into 300,000 silver. Probably the best value in the game.

I don't consider myself a good pilot, but I'm getting experience and improving.

Having done most the Dola grind before they improved the main guns (yes, they used to be worse), I'll share some of my experience.

Most of your kills are going to be module kills, torpedoes and missiles. Module reboot helps a lot as these are your primary weapons.

Onslaught is preferred, unless you're willing to go the Proving Grounds route (not available to PS4 yet, i think).

If you happen upon a spawn point for assault ships, get close and fire away. You could easily get enough ships to offset when someone notices you and proceeds to waste you.

Pay attention to where the spawn points are for the Command ship. Get there as quickly as you can and get some points from that kill. The command ship is particularly susceptible to your modules as it moves slowly.

Follow the healers around, usually in the company of Dreadnoughts. If you are luckky enough to get one to sit on your tail, you can duke it out with just about anyone. Get in close and personal and let your healer hide behind you.

I've collected my Koschei and could collect a Blud, if I wanted to. After I played it for a while it became a relatively easy ship to fly, just real slow. Got some of my worst score in it, and some of my best.

With the first iteration of Battle Bonus, Legendary waited 45 minutes and Veterans was 25 minutes. That was the reason for Veterans first, then Legendary. With a 1 minute queue and about 10 minute games, that would leave you with about 10 minutes until Veterans was back with Battle Bonus. Finish that and you're waiting 25 to 30 minutes for both to regain Battle Bonus. It was doable. Find something else to do for a half hour.

Now, with the variable scoring system, one battle might reward you well and the next, with similar results might give you half the rewards. Before Battle Bonus, I had it pegged down to about 14 kills was a reliable decent score ( I think it was about 700-800 base - could have been more). Anything over that and your base score was predictably 600-619 base score whether you had 15 kills or 23, or anything in between.

Do you know how hard it is to stop shooting at other ships when the score is around 76 - 40? It got to where is was worth more to die, multiple times if need be, just to keep your score from getting nerfed. Tried to just hide while my bot teammates finished the game.

I was getting an average of 4000 - 5500 XP in a Legendary Proving Grounds match, with a wait time of 1 minute, and 2800 - 4000 XP per match in Veterans. I get to do more killing and less being killed. My high in Onslaught before Proving Grounds was about 5500 and that was a fluke. Typical score was low 2000s.

I'm an older gamer who has really only played Dreadnought, and that only since January. Most of the people in the other matches are much better than me, because they have developed gamer reflexes, from years of gaming. I did my time in the trenches with this game. When I finally get some decent modules on the tier 4 ships that I am currently passively leveling, I'll come back into the other matches. I'm content where I'm at for now.

Benefits of Proving Grounds from my perspective:

Almost always a couple of tacs on a Dreadnought so I can get some experience dealing with that kind of situation.

Sometimes they're on an arty, also good experience.

Practice going after corvettes from 3km and out, with an arty.

Gaining patience to let shields drop before I fire.

Experience looking around the map for stuff coming up from behind.

I almost always have a bot tac healing me if I stay in a general area. Not so much if I am adventurous.

If you are alone, the adversary bots tend to match your tier level better, you will work harder, and get more kills.

Bot teammates tend to play at least as well as new players. If the adversary bots weren't obviously nerfed, I might lose a lot.

Not frustrated by people, with way more experience, seal clubbing me.

For those claiming that they are getting more points than ever - try getting a base score of 600 for 19 kills, in a Legendary Proving Grounds match, and then turning around a few minutes later and getting 700+ for 14 kills in a Veterans match (more real players). Then try getting a similar 700+ base points for 15 kills and then in the next match getting only 605 for the same 15 kills. Please explain. My first Proving Grounds after 1.8.1 should have netted me 5000 - 5300 XP. it was less than 2400.

By the way, customer service has explained that they've looked at the issue and it is the way they want it. Somehow, I think they are blowing smoke.

Background: Proving Grounds let me play my tier 4 ships without paying that exorbitant maintenance fee. I found that Arties are particularly useful for me in that format and I finished leveling 2 tier 3 arties that I would hardly play in regular matches because I was regularly seal clubbed. On one of those tier 4 arties, that I earned after Proving Grounds, I am almost to it's tier 5 version and I've passively leveled 4 other ships at about 100,000 XP each. Particularly helpful when you can have the same tier 4 ships in both Veteran and Legendary fleets. Only difference is that one fleet has an Onager, and the other has a Murometz.

While the wait for Battle bonus was so long, I would play Veteran and then Legendary, wait about 10 minutes and play Veteran again. Then I would close the program, do something else on the computer for a while, and then reload the program and do it again. I was actually OK with that rhythm.

Well, I went into Legendary Proving Grounds again and purposely kept my kills to 14-15, Score was fine. Looks like the old 'Score too many kills and you get a crrap score' again.

That was fixed. Now it is broken again.