What if it bought a reduced cool down?

There is an answer. AIs in Proving Grounds have no feelings. Seal club all you want. Burn off that time in PG and maybe the noobs will see some neat tactics worth repeating. Only thing you don't get is FreeXP. And, MM only takes a minute.

One of these days there will be an honest to goodness Recruit match category with only AIs as the enemy and yet score like any other match. Less rage quitting if you are not getting ROFL stomped.

If you haven't figured it out yet, the developers specifically encourage Veterans to play down. It was the purpose of maintenance and is the purpose of Battle Bonus. Recruit Battle Bonus never goes on cool down. Veterans cool down is 25 minutes and Legendary is 45 minutes. Since it takes about 5 - 10 minutes to queue, that's about 1-2 games in Recruit for every game in Veterans. Don't like being seal clubbed? Go seal club some AI ships in proving Grounds.

New system is interesting.

Battle bonus is always enabled for Recruit.

Twenty five minute cool down for Veteran.

Forty five minute cool down for Legendary.

Actually tried my first Legendary match in Proving Grounds. Much tougher than Veteran's Proving Grounds.

What I used to use in Veteran's is now my fleet in Legendary except no tier 3 ship. Only plan on using it in Proving Grounds. One minute queuing!

My tier 3 ships that are not maxed, are my new Veterans fleet. Still trying to figure out a Recruit fleet as all are maxed. Trying to decide if I want to pay to convert Xp to FreeXP. Not a fan of that transaction. May just collect monies from those matches.

I'm sure that seal clubbing is not the direct object of the developers, but they need Veteran players to play down or there will not be enough players for Recruit matches. If you don't find seal clubbing much fun, club some AI ships in Proving grounds. You'll probably play twice the matches in the same time, and AI ships don't mind being clubbed. Guiltless pleasure.

Another choice is to play the matches with Battle Bonus, and then do something else while the cool down progresses.

For any developers reading this thread, elite is functionally worthless. Include a cool down reduction and people will butyit again. I'd suggest 30 - 50% cool down reduction.

I've noticed, while playing Murometz, that most of the targets that I am shooting at are not on the scan as they are too far away. The targets still die, but I can only see them visually. Really? In a space combat game?

Only 5 minutes? You must be choosing ANY.

Any ship that has a precursor can use the weapons purchased for that precursor. When you click on the module, a list of available modules comes up. If I decide to get the Blud, I'm going to go ahead and purchase the Plasma Ram for the Dola, just to see it on the Blud.

I discovered this when I was new into Tier 3. The medium Destroyer was fitted with, what to me, were awful modules. When I went to try and select some different ones, there was my lovely Goliath Torpedo from the previous medium destroyer. Made a huge difference in how much fun that ship was.

I unlocked every tier 3 ship. I've flown several of them only once or twice.

Found out a few things while going against pilots much better than I. Arty was the easiest to get used to gaming with, little flying and lots of punch. Flew mostly arty while leveling the other tier 1 ships. Destroyers were reasonable, just somewhat fragile.

Tier 2 was a little different. Got matched into Veterans a lot. Arties were blood sport, so I died a lot. Tacs allowed me to contribute more, so I played a bunch there. Couldn't fly the Corvette without dieing a lot. Dreadnoughts were actually fun. You lived long enough to start to enjoy the game. Destroyers became useful when I got the Goliath torpedo. More useful than the Dreadnought's nuke.

Tier 3 was different still again. Bought them all, and tried every ship at least once. I think the Oberon tactical was the first ship to level out. I think the Oberon tac was my first tier 4 ship. Veterans introduced me to maintenance. Since I was Elite, I always made money with tier 3 ships, even when I lost, and I usually score in the bottom half. Bought 300k silver 3 times I think, never felt short on "cash". Dreadnought was decent fun. Liked the Oberon Dreadnought, but Akula Vector's was more productive. Medium destroyer was a joke until I found that I could equip it with the modules from the tier 2 ship I leveled out. Oberon corvette was actually relatively easy to fly, for me, and I loved the cloak. Arties were not much fun by this level because they were such targets. Everyone else was almost always more experienced than me, so every ship type felt OPed, but I knew it was my inexperience.

I did not buy all of the modules at tier 3, just the ones I thought I would use. Eventually worked through the Dola. Disliked it until I learned to use the modules better. Most of the damage that you will cause with a Dola is through it's modules. Some of my worst scores, and some of my best. Go figure.

I'm now have 10 tier 4 ships. Don't like playing them outside of Proving Grounds because of maintenance. I'm still only a mediocre pilot, but I am improving. Looking forward to the day when maintenance goes away.

I've chosen my ship based on what I thought would help my team more, and based on what I needed to level up. I prefer choosing to better my team.

What tier 4 ships did I buy? All three Dreadnoughts, two tacs, two destroyers, one corvette and two Arties. Thinking about getting one more destroyer. I also have 7 hero ships, 5 tier 4 and 2 tier 2. Almost never play them, but they have some good parts for decorating the ships I do have.

I'm not one to buy cosmetics, just not me. The cosmetics I do have came from the mercenary pack and the tier 2 arty that I bought for the GP and silver. That leaves me with decent pallette choices for all of my ships.

I have spent for Elite and GP.

I love Proving Grounds. I get to play the game, I don't pay maintenance unless there is a crash, and I get in a game after one minute.

I have found that if you get more than 14-15 kills, the game seems to reset your score, but if you end up the only real player, you may have to keep killing things to win. When the bots show up with multiple healers and Dreads that ball up, you might lose.

It's more fun with other real players, but is still passable if it is just you.

Anyone gotten more than 14 kills in any match. I've been biding my time in Proving Grounds, waiting for maintenance to go away, and I'm getting some practice with my Murometz. With fewer players, It is incumbent on you to kill everything you can, because the bots on your side are not as good as the bots on their side. As a result I've gotten as high as 21 kills in a match. This has brought about an interesting observation. Scores improve till about 14 kills. After that, it acts like something resets, or gets lost, and your score starts looking like a participation score (no kills, just happy to be here).

Just wondering if anyone has seen this in other matches. I'm sure there are some Captains that have score 14, or higher, while farming points in Recruit. Just curious if you have seen this symptom elsewhere.