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Usually a lot of players actually don't like games where they have to study spreadsheets.

I agree that the range buff for Akula Vektor Artillery Cruisers is unwarranted and possibly severely balance damaging.
Bad Idea

Ghostrdr13#9841 posted (#post-225619) said:
I was shocked when I first went to customize my Captain and found NO options for hair or a beard.

Whats the lore behind this?

In the future, the Cult of Mr. Clean has widespread membership.
Mr. Clean

I agree with Brother Belial. As the forum's #1 image poster, my experience has determined that some links just don't work when posted; I expect it involves some anti-spam or other compatibility issue(s).

At least for PC; I don't know about PS4.

Evasive Maneuver V has been fixed for a while now! However, I think it still could use around a 10-20% buff to more greatly differentiate it from Evasive Maneuver IV.

The caliber of the primary weapons of the Jutland and Monarch is 0.22 Long Rifle.

  • Step 1. Shoot the healer.

  • Step 2. Shoot the healer.

  • Step 3. Shoot the healer.

  • Step 4. Shoot the healer.

  • Step 5...

You could try putting all your in-game graphic settings to 'Low'.

Learn 2 aim better so ROF doesn't matter.