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OP doesn't like that half the time when he does 33% damage to an enemy ship that he doesn't get any score points 90% of the time.

Kharn_of_the_Eighth#6511 posted (#post-225293) said:

Hi , i need some info plz , about adrenaline shot ,what is the trigger below 30% health and healing or be healed or one of the bothe , like u get energy when u heal be healed or when u under 30% healh ?



If you're below 30% HP, then Adrenaline Shot will provide energy A - if you're repairing someone else OR B - someone else is repairing you.

Nezerol#5938 posted (#post-225285) said:

LOL. You're aware though that if you're sitting away from the control point, an corvette can quite easily sneak in and out if the player controlling it knows what they're doing?

@Topic - while I agree the amount of capping points are quite out of bounds, the issue is also that the destroyer and dreadnought ship players are a lot of times being basically being useless by sitting somewhere halfway on the map, not contesting nor defending the points. And yeah, artis aren't.... that useful in conquest, to my great disappointment.

True, but that's where teamwork comes in, if it manages to happen; Dreadnoughts can camp between capture points in order to paint map area and link teammates, while Destroyers can move in-and-out to attack & defend capture points. Also, one should be sure not to overlook the power of warp/jump modules (for Corvettes, Dreadnoughts, Tactical Cruisers, and Destroyers) in Conquest to aid in moving around quickly as needed.

Artillery Cruisers can be fairly effective in defending capture points...depending on map. Based on my limited tinkering with Artillery Cruiser camping spots in Conquest mode, even from far away an Artillery Cruiser can still earn Point Defended bonuses for destroying enemy ships that are proximal to or within one's own capture point.

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But in the end this is a bit of a pointless discussion. The hardware is available and the game supports it so we have to acknowledge that the genie is already out of the bottle. Everyone should come to terms with that.

Genie Out of the Bottle

Keeping only 1 ship in the fleet roster supposedly does nothing.

A single pot of earnings is not distributed, rather each ship will get the the same participation bonus no matter how many ships are in the fleet (the participation bonus value only fluctuates based on the total score you earned that match). Having less ships in the fleet only robs one of getting participation bonuses.

Last week my Dreadnought was as disrupted so badly that the cooldown time for all the modules went from 0 seconds to become 40+ seconds; that was frustrating, but pretty hilarious as well.

Regarding the Scrubber Module on Corvettes, I agree that so far I have found it pretty useless but I've only dabbled with it for a bit, so I may still be able to find a good niche use for the module; however, I've decided that for my preferred playstyle that the Oberon Corvettes are just too slow (in combination with their meager hitpoints), to be caught without having Afterburner for the Internal Module, though I suppost I could try using Thrust Amplifier for my Primary Module to compensate for movement. So far, I've thought that it would be more helpful if the module would also prevent additional disruptions for a VERY short time after successfully scrubbing a debuff; this should be enough time for a corvette to have a decent chance to escape, but not long enough that the corvette can shrug off a debuff and continue attacking. Right now, it will scrub a Stasis Missile, but then the second Stasis Missile that bugged out and buzzed behind my ship for 5 extra seconds hits more...or I'll scrub a Stasis Ammo hit and then I'll be hit by more Stasis Ammo (I should just wait to use Scrubber Module until the enemy has shot all of his/her Stasis Ammo). However, one could also consider Stasis Ammo should be the superhard counter to Corvettes and/or Scrubber Module.

So Long

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Since ive gainged more experience with the game ive come to notice that the problem isnt with shots not registering. The dreadnoughts im shooting at then activate thier armor amplifier and what little damage i then do isnt popping up with the damage notification. But the shots are registering.

Sometimes the damage notification numbers don't pop-up even though damage is being dealt; it's a bug. Also, a Dreadnought can be fitted out with Officer Briefings & Modules in such a way that 100% of damage is blocked.

So begins the debate about whether ultrawide monitors and increased FOV cause an unfair advantage!