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I agree that Assault Blink Warp (ABW) can feel like an overpowered module, especially in the hands of a skilled (practiced) pilot; as for it being very easy module, I disagree in that I find it's not easy to learn to use well (maybe it becomes a very easy module once a pilot is very accustomed to using it, which I admit that I have yet to do). In the current metagame in Legendary, I believe that ramming modules (ABW included) are necessary as they can sometimes be the only way to efficiently breakup heal-spheres. Additionaly, there are a variety of countermeasures for the module, which include: Stasis Ammo, Disruptor Autobeams, Stasis Mines, Evasive Maneuver, etc. In my opinion, the best and easiest change to ABW, if any, is perhaps for the cooldown time of module be slighlty increased.

I wrote a lengthy, articulated, logical post earlier this year urging that Officer Briefings (OBs) be moved to T3 ships where possible, but I suppose the developer/publshier desires eagerness to obtain OBs as an incentive to sell Elite Status and Ship XP conversion.

As we move forward...
Moving Forward

Depending on how your UAC is setup, you may be able bypass requiring a PIN if you log into Windows 10 using a default administrator-access account profile; then you just have to press a Yes, rather than put in a PIN.

You totally can select which way your ship moves with EM; it uses the last left or right direction input that you pressed.

Ram or Assault Blink Warp works too, if you can get to them before dying.

Count me in...if I'm around at the time.

I think at least a cooldown between when a ship cannot be re-scrambled should be considered and discussed; I'm guessing 20-30 seconds. Sure, it may be currently balanced, but being nearly constantly scrambled by Bomber or Scrambler Mines spam can be fun-ruining for the targeted player(s).


Yes, Stasis Ammo does work, even against corvette swarms. Make your own bubble with good ship placement relative to your fleetmates and your only rate limiting step with Stasis Ammo is essentially the cooldown of the module; though honestly Stasis Ammo on the Vigo is more of a pain to use because of its salvo-induced long delay time between shots (Athos is way better).

Want to cheese corvettes or corvette swarms off? Make a bona fide anti-corvette build for your Medusa-line or Machias-line corvette (module tier restrictions may apply):

  • Target Blink Warp or Kinetic Weapon Amplifier

  • Torpedo Salvo or Weaponbreaker Torpedo

  • Blast Pulse

  • Stasis Ammo