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Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-224493) said:

This game is pay to progress. You get a time limited advantage over those who don't as they will catch up.

Nuh! This game is pay to progress faster.

LYB-Willis#7205 posted (#post-224505) said:

I would rather have this happen (perhaps just in Legendary):
Bot deaths will no longer contribute towards their opponents score.
Bots that land a killing blow will gain points for their team.

BotA on TeamA gets killed by WillisB on TeamB; WillisB gets the kill stat but TeamB does not gain any points from the kill.

BotA on TeamA kills WillisB on TeamB; TeamA gains respective points from killing that scrub WillisB

BotA on TeamA kills BotB on TeamB; neither team gains any points

Sweet, now we can pre-setup matches so both teams just kill each other's bots for 20 minutes and everyone gets massive XP gains!

LYB-Willis#7205 posted (#post-224252) said:

Stasis Ammo. Ask Lando, or anyone else... it works.


DN_MiguelItUp#0468 posted (#post-224436) said:

Do know that when the Steam launch is complete our teams are going to be assessing all forms of balance. So there is a lot to come!

Why not assess all forms of balance BEFORE the Steam launch?! Huh?! Don't you want a balanced game before a huge public launch?! HUH?!

I had a Legendary game Saturday where my team had 5 FIVE bots! Needless to say, the other team didn't even need to try very hard in order to win. The best I could hope for in the ship I was using was to tank and survive as long as possible in order to at least earn some score.

Sometimes scoring events such as Assist or Kill aren't stated even thought they have been given because other scoring events are shown instead, this is especially frequent in Conquest with all the scoring events going on. There is a rarer bug in which a kill isn't registered at all for the player (the kill is not added to the player's scoreboard), but the kill is added to the team's score.

I'd rather see the old Damage Beam sound kept instead of the new one (the new one doesn't seem sinister enough to me); maybe a different new one that is more more similar to the sound of welding/blowtorching metal with pops, hisses, crackles, and creaking metal.

As a matter of fact, that's a fantastic idea in general - creaking metal hull sounds should be added - places for options to include them could be when a ship

  • Has low HP

  • Explodes

  • Is hit by high damage enemy fire

  • Collides with other ships or terrain

There's a reason why I christened my Dola as "T-urd Wagon"; what a piece of feces...

So Long!

Tractor Beam Pods with the usual DPS Harwich loadout does well. Most corvettes panic once a Tractor Beam Pod locks on.