Ah, the shield bug explaines why it melts so fast compared to the chern.

I have just unlocked the Gravis and equipped it with plasma broadside, vultures, missile lasers and exoshell. But I dont really get which advantage it has above the Chernobog. The only advantage I see is the higher maingun dps, since the speed and manuverability is pretty much the same. But the mainguns only out-dps the repeater guns (which are the same on both ships) at >3400m. But at that range the horrible spread on the mainguns makes the Chernobogs guns better.

In conclusion: The Chernobog has better mainguns, better health and no downsides compared to the Gravis. Am I missing something or is the Gravis just a bad ship? Does it get better at T4? Or do I just use the wrong modules?