For what it's worth, I never encountered any issues with Onslaught before it was disabled and I've played 5 games of Onslaught since the disable (any queue) with no issues either.

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i know this will not be met well but any way

there are some players that i fell there is no point playing against. call it my bad playing, ship set up or they are just better but i would rather drop out a game, pay the maintenance and requeue and hope one of the other players arent in the next one.

so here they are so far, ill keep adding as i find them

fibblit (tank, corvette)

zampano (fire through cloak, corvette)

this may sound like it will cost you but so far i am making cred's and xp and having a more enjoyable games

It brings me great joy to know I make people rage quit games to just to avoid me lol.

Here's a secret: if you want me to leave you alone just hop in a dreadnought. Those things are not worth my time to kill and I literally ingore them. The only time I even bother to shoot at one is when it's isolated and other people on my team are shooting it too. I would rather fly across the map to kill a weaker target than shoot a dread next to me.

You should post a screenshot, helps convey the issue better.

I had this gem of a game happen yesterday

Ended up going like 12/0/3 or something like that. Final score 100-40ish. Legit seal clubbing.

I really do believe matchmaking should be stricter and completely disallow T2 or below ships in Veteran matches. Some T2's can compete with the underpowered/bugged T3s but not with the good T3s and certainly not with any T4. There's no reason a T2 should even be in the same game as a T4.

At the very least, each team should have an even number of ships of the same tier. In the screenshot above, how is it that one team had 7 T4's and the other team only had 1? How hard is it to split them 4 and 4? Simple if/then statement CS 101 stuff right there.

I'm pretty sure Randomdrop should have been on our team instead of Tigerod, would have made the game more fair. Kappa.

What are the best (or notably uniquely fun) ships for each class?

For example, I've seen a lot of posts saying the Koschei is the best tactical cruiser, and several about the Nox being a unique mobile artillery crusier.

I'm just now getting into T3 and I want to know what lines to best invest my time into.

Hello, I would like to make a request for the following sound options to be added:

Disable hangar background ambience

Disable sound while program is in background

To explain my view, I like watching twitch and youtube videos while waiting in queue, which can be at times 5-10 mins. However, the background noise of the hangar greatly interferes with this (and is generally very annoying and mind numbing when you have to listen to it for so long).

In most other games the sound automatically disables when the game is in the background, letting you simply tab out to temporarily mute it. However, the sound in this game is always on, and thus you're always subject to the constant drone of the hangar, even when tabbed out.

Additionally, the only way to mute this noise is to mute the "effects volume" in the sound options which mutes ALL effects, such as guns and missiles in-game. As I prefer to have these sounds on while I am in-game, the only way for me to effectively enjoy my time in queue is to manually mute the game sound in the hangar, and then manually unmute it every time I get into a game.

This is very tedious and annoying, and could be easily remedied by implementing one or both of the above options. Both are common options available in other games, and I would like to request them to be added here. It would improve my enjoyment of the game greatly.