I do not agree with the requests said in OP.

That being said I've stopped playing DN a while ago since there is absolutely 0 reason to even bother playing a game plagued with problems that come from the developers and publisher.

What should be done is to revert to a patch where tiers and maintenance didn't exist.

I can go on but it'd be pointless to have anymore hope with this game or both the devs and publisher behind it.

Anyways, +1 purely because things need to change and also because I've stopped playing DN.

I should also add: I'm enjoying my time NOT playing DN and I'm very happy that I've refunded my Founder's Pack when I did.

This discord server is Doge approved.

Just 50k Credits and 500 GP? That's a joke in its own right.

Should be 100k and 1k instead. But what can I say, Greybox is stingy as usual.

I can't say I agree w/ all of the points in the petition. However, I do agree with the sentiment that maintenance and progression was done poorly and needs to be reworked if not outright scrapped and remade to something else.

That all being said, I do hope for the sake of Dreadnought's well-being that the management behind the creation of this abomination of a progression system and maintenance system realize they made a severe mistake and revert and revamp. I however cannot see that happening with the warpath of damage control being made of "We're gonna tweak and work on these values!" plus considering that everything that was said of how Shipwreck 2.0 is a mistake when it was first announced was outright ignored makes me even more pessimistic about it happening.

All in all though, I am signing this petition in hopes of seeing Dreadnought returning to its glory days of actually being an excellent game and not another game being buried in a SixFoot grave like the rest of the games that follow the Wargaming (World of Tanks etc etc) model of monetization and progression.

-formerly Dogeneer

OP: I don't blame your friends quitting Dreadnought. It is a shame that you and your friends didn't play Dreadnought before Shipwreck 2.0 where it was actually half decent (there was a lot of work needed to be done, however it was infinitely better back then instead of today).

Hopefully things improve but I doubt it.

As a few others said: Maintenance is to stay as said by the Devs.

Unfortunately for Dreadnought: SixFoot and Yager (the devs) are too stubborn to realize that the actions they've done since July only made the game worse. They insist on "tweaking" the failures of mechanics they've introduced when in reality, they should've never been incorporated in the first place.

What should be done is to remove tiers, remove maintenance, rework monetization to be something not akin to the Wargaming (Worlds of Tanks etc etc) model. As I said though, can't fix stubborn.

Tempestor#9528 posted (#post-102632)

Who wants to bet if this post is gonna get deleted tomorrowsmile

I'll take 6ft Damage Control attempts for 500

A suggestion that was not implemented (and suggested numerous times since alpha) was to have the ram a locked acceleration AND top speed which basically prevented it from the pilot from double backing and hitting the target which was a common thing in the Alphas and early betas Pre-Regression 2.0. Maneuvering can be nerfed ever so slightly with the acceleration and speed of the ship locked in place. As I said though, suggestion was never implemented nor an "We heard it, we'll think about it" response.

What this change would've done was raise the skill floor and the ceiling so that way the good rammers are rewarded while the terrible rammers were not rewarded.

Off topic however: Vindicta itself was a very good anti corvette ship before the tiers occured: rapid fire low spread primary weapon, depending on loadout, enough modules can hinder a corvette enough to make it think twice attacking a target the vindicta was protecting. Granted IDK (tbh, IDC either) how the ship itself fairs now with the tiers and all that, but same principles -should- apply especially with corvettes being so slow in the later tiers.

Playing the vindicta effectively boils down to: How you equip the ship, how you play it, and if you are gud or not.

Cosmic_Force#6851 posted (#post-100451)

Since when did they start removing posts?

Since SixFoot started to attempt poorly at damage control.

In regards to OP: I can say that the cause and effect listed is a good reason to remove the tiers system and go back to the original progression system and create a new one based on a system that isn't rife with problems such as this.

Knowing SixFoot, I highly doubt they'll break this cycle and instead will bury themselves Six Feet under. Pretty accurate company name imo.

Edit: I didn't realize there was a 2nd thread of this nature saying Greybox instead of incentive. Those pesky spam bots.

Welcome to the club. Everyone has been saying the almost exact same thing as you and wondering what possessed both Yager and SixFoot to make this design choice especially when they've first announced it in July.