I started a thread about this a couple of moths ago and it is nice to see most people have still come to the same conclusion. Nox needs Auto fire, much reduced reload time and remove screen shake on firing.

Both are good. Personally I find the Vindicta better at burst damage and the Vigo at sustained damage. Obviously the Vindicta also has better manoeuvrability and the Vigo more health. So it depends on your play style as to which you prefer. I tend to use Vindicta if I want to flank and be aggressive, if I want to be more restrained and work with the pack I go Vigo.

I would love them to try a 4 shot magazine with same overall damage as the current magazine. Then increase the rate of fire by half (with the shots on auto fire rather than per click) and reduce reload time. Think it would actually make the ship really viable as a manoeuvrable long range harasser. You would still have to hit with all four to make the most of the damage, but it would boost the ship to a more viable position.

Reading these it makes me feel like I am not the only one who found the Oberon Artillery poor. I have tried the catapult / cloak build before, and while you can get some kills, it does make the scope for what you do with the ship quite narrow. I also appreciate the comment that the Oberon Artillery are more light cruisers than heavy hitting snipers - I have always thought so too and this is something that drew me to the ship. However the two consistent things that crop up in this thread are - not enough burst damage and too long to reload. With this in mind I was thinking the following might help:

Make the gun automatic rather than semi automatic (so hold down fire to shoot rather than repress for each shot). Quick firing semi auto guns have been proven not to work well in games as it creates inconsistent DPS. Furthermore people can just create scripts to make this happen and that is unfair on others who don't. It is far better to standardise the DPS.

Reduce the magazine (somewhere between 4 to 6) and increase the DPS of each shot to match the total it has now. This will increase the burst damage potential of the ship, but still require you to hit with all shots to achieve this. It won't make it as much burst damage as the other two, but would provide reasonable sustained damage.

Reduce reload time. As mentioned above the reload times for the ship are the same as the other two - but this makes sense for them as they reach their full damage potential very quickly. The Oberon Line seems to be based more on sustained damage - however the long reload is killing that. The reduction amount would need to be carefully balanced, but that is where the Devs come in and can crunch numbers appropriately.

What are others thought on this?

Does anyone have tips on builds or how to play this ship as it appears to be by far the weakest of the three artillery? I love the idea and look of this ship, but ever since leaving T2 I can't seem to do anything meaningful with it. Any help would be appreciated.

Some balance ideas that occur to me are:

To prevent RSI problems can the developer just make the gun auto fire its magazine by holding down the button. It would help the ship be buffed in line with the other artillery as you get consistent DPS. Also, with the previous comment in mind, could we have a rate of fire increase to make it more viable, as currently the other two artillery ships completely outclass it.

Old - Mithras T5 Oberon Corvette

New - Brutus T5 Oberon Destroyer

Coming Soon - Invictus T5 Oberon Dreadnought

You just need to complete the game tutorial which is accessed from the escape menu.

And to be honest I don't miss it. I always groaned with annoyance when pulled into a team elimination match. It's also particularly annoying in veteran for people with only T2 and T3 in their fleets as they struggle to compete with T4 ships.

In Veteran matches the Tacs are nearly always the top scorers. I have seen many with 4000+ points. As you progress with Tacs you should find your score gets better. I am not a Tac specialist but I am sure someone who is could help (but more likely there is already a forum post detailing it).

Used right Flak Cannons are devastating on Destroyers and Drednoughts. If you can get close enough to a ship to use the Flack cannons you will annihilate other ships. On Destroyers the T4 module Evasive Manuvers is great for this, but Thrust amplifier also works well.

Healer jerk circles are what drove me to maining corvettes (I have all three T4 Corvettes but prefer the Oberon ones). I see a lot of posts complaining about corvettes and artillery, but in my opinion the most game changing ships in game are the 2 or 3 tacs that hide in a clump and heal each other - absolutely unbreakable without more teamwork than you will ever find on a random team. As mentioned above the team that has this make up nearly always win.

To answer the OP, you need burst damage. It doesn't always work but seems to be the best answer. Unfortunately at T2 you don't really have the option for it. In T4 the best answers I have found are as follows:

Any Destroyer (though Oberon T4 is arguably the best): Drain Torpedo followed straight away by Storm Missles. As soon as the Drain Torpedo and missles are fired start hitting the Tac with main guns.

Any Corvette (though Akula Heavy corvette is arguably the best at: Torpedo Salvo, Blast pulse and main guns - all times to hit at the same time. Works best with officer briefing Module Amber (30% increased damage to modules). This works best with some kind of cloak.

Neither system work all the time, but on the whole it has the best success rate I have come across. There is also the Plasma Ram option on Destroyers, but this can leave you very open to being killed yourself.