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before you make that move consider looking at this. youre not going to have any better luck

Ok thanks for the insight. Queue times are the same then ?

I’ve started playing Dreadnought again after a year brake and Oberion artillery cruisers sound off. Have the sounds been changed? I remember them being much more electric and ominous. Now they just sound like air.

Maybe its just me but I’m pretty sure firing the Virtus felt much more epic than “pshew pshew pshew”…


Good afternoon,

First of all, I'd like to point out how incredible of a game Dreadnought is, regardless of its current issues. I feel that it still has much potential and I am looking forward to future updates.

I am thinking of switching from PS4 to PC and supporting the game from my PC account. The only thing holding me back is the absence of cross platform progression.
The reasons I am considering leaving PS4 are the following: long matchmaking queues, can't play team elimination (which is a personal favorite game-mode), slow UI, low graphics.

Hope someone at GreyBox reads this. I know some of these issues have already been acknowledged but a reminder never hurts.

Thanks for reading !