I suspect they're rebooting the servers. Lord knows they desperately needed to.

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You can turn it off. I'll forward this thread to them.

I have it set to off, but still experience all the described issues. On a lark I set it to on for a few rounds to see what that was like, but noticed no difference. I have since set it back to off, even though the setting doesn't appear to do anything.

Either way, none of this addresses the separate but similar issue of targeting pods.

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I've asked support about this, but that was last year and all I got as an answer was "we're working on it".
But at least it's been aknowledged by the devs that this is an issue... but now the devs are different so maybe they forgot ? ^^
Beam weapons are supposed to auto aim, I wish it just wouldn't lag like you explained, but normal guns shouldn't auto-aim, and switching it off in the settings does nothing.

Any current dev word on this? Auto aim problems are easily my #1 consistent source of frustration in this game, with aiming vs. pods being fairly close. My friend whom I recently got into this game agrees. It really kills the fun when it (often) comes up. I'd love for the audio to get fixed, but making the ship actually follow the player's orders should probably be a very high priority.

I tried messing with it some (I too enjoy out-of-the-box play styles), but failed to figure out a way to make it work or even be all that fun. I thought a module reboot setup could be amusing, but the manual detonation, and this cooldown not starting until after detonation, prevents you from having several in the air at once. It really needs -something-. Homing and maybe a shorter cooldown would be my first choice, as it would allow it to remain differentiated from the other nuke modules.

For whatever reason, a lot of my matches are not actually giving me experience. I play through the whole match, look at the scoreboard at the end, return to the hanger, and find my experience total to be what it was before the match. Some matches are giving me experience correctly, but other aren't. I haven't noticed any particular pattern. It's rather frustrating as it's making my elite time feel rather wasted, and making some of the grindier parts of the progression, well, very grindy.

The one thing that most consistently frustrates me with many of my ships is the wonky aiming assist mechanics in this game. For the record, I have aim assist set to off.

When using my stribog, I find it is often extremely difficult if not impossible to hit targets in front of me due to the bizzare aiming rules. Take another 'vette for instance, 2km dead ahead. If I aim below him, the shots expectedly go low. If I aim up a bit to compensate (directly at the 'vette), the guns auto-adjust way too high and fire in a big arc over the target. If I aim high enough to not be "on" the target, the shots expectedly go high. The aim "assist" makes sure that when I'm aimed where I actually WANT the shot to go, the shot goes wildly high instead. I've noticed the same infuriating behavior when targeting assault ships in onslaught.

I run into similar frustrations with any of the beam weapons in the game, be them the corvette secondary or the tac cruiser primary. If I aim on the target, the beam lags way behind and only occasionally clips the enemy, vastly reducing my DPS. If I attempt to compensate and lead with the beam (which doesn't make sense to start with), the beam actually goes where I point it and misses, just firing in front of the target. It makes hitting quicker moving enemies literally impossible, since when I point the beam where it needs to be pointed, the game auto "assists" and lags the beam way behind.

On a similar note, PODS. PLEASE LET THE GUNS CONVERGE ON PODS. There is nothing quite as agravating as being in a ship with reasonable range weapons, pointing right at the enemy artillery pod, and watching your shots get near miss after near miss because the guns wont coverge. Meanwhile as you waste time and shots, it just keeps popping you in the face. It is often extremely important to shoot down pods so PLEASE LET US DO IT. If it turns out that pods are dying too easy when people can actually shoot them when they're aiming at them, just give them enough health to compensate. The current eyeballing + zeroing in on a tiny STATIONARY target method is very very annoying.

So yes, please either allow aim assist to actually turn off if you set it to off, or at least make it work correctly instead of just messing up your shots. Let people aim their guns, and hit the things they're aiming at.

I do often take that role upon myself, yes. I find that if I don't, my team often loses. If I do, it often wins. The impact of uncountered healing is absolutely enormous, and countering it (done well) usually takes very deliberate and specific loadouts and tactics. It doesn't feel particularly organic. Things needing super hard counters like that usually just doesn't feel good to me. Furthermore, the counters to healing usually aren't even really counters to HEALING- they're just extremely strong combinations that MOST ships have little chance to survive from.

Disable all modules, jam thrusters, drain energy, clear all effects, and apply high DPS; that's not a counter to healing, that's a counter to being alive. XD

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It sounds like you are taking it upon your self to be the anti healer member of your team. I often take on that roll with my Jutland/Monarch. Tarterus nuke followed by me jumping on to said healer and eating them. Every match needs someone with a set up to deal with the healers. With that said, I've been on teams that didn't have a healer on our side and managed just fine because we had the tools to counter them.

As per the title, the effective durability afforded by a good healer with a good build still feels a little over the top. I realize there are counters to it, but I feel like the overwhelming majority of my build and gameplay decisions often end up revolving around trying to deal with the enemy healers.

I'm not sure what I'd prefer to see done about the situation- mostly just expressing my observation that healing (and the countering there-off) still seems to dominate the game a good bit.

Perhaps lowering the speed of in-combat healing but raising the speed of out-of-combat healing would help. Alternatively, adding an incoming heal reduction or block to either the drain or disruption effects would increase the counter options for in-combat healing.

While I can't comment on physiological effects or player retention, I can say that iI personally think the current scramble effect is a poor design. It's no fun to be hit by, nor is it particularly satisfying to use. I've had plenty of experiences where the pulse ultimately does nothing (blind fire is able to kill the scrambler) on both sides of the exchange, and I've also had experiences where it has screwed me over fantastically.

It's unreliable, ugly to look at, and just plain not fun to use or have used upon you. ItIt always just leads to annoyance and / or frustration. In my opinion, of course.

VERY glad to hear this. While heal blobs do have some counter tactics avaialbe, in general, a bunch of randoms vs. a bunch of randoms, healing is way too strong. Additionally, fighting against someone being healed just isn't fun. I realize you need to shoot the healer first, but when that healer is behind cover, protected by armour pulse, being healed by another healer, etc., that isn't always an option. The ways to take out these heal blobs require far more communication and coordination than it does to MAKE the heal blobs, which makes them a very dominating strategy in randoms. My boyfriend quit playing entirely because of his annoyance with healing, and I've all but followed suit. I have one of my destroyers set up to be decent at countering the heal blobs, but since heal blobs form naturally often and are absolutely DEVASTATING if not countered (far more than most tactics), I feel like I'm practically forced to play that ship more often than not.

I don't mind ships getting rapidly patched up when they're behind cover. What I do mind is ships being made practically invincible when they're actively being shot at. Hopefully the addition of heal-blocking effects (which I think would be a great thing to add to disrupted) will reduce this in-combat invincibility, without harming the out-of-combat patching up. Happy to hear this is being looked into.

Base_, Volly_, tennis ____. Is that particular B word really worth censoring? o_O

To all those folks saying, "Healing is fine. You just don't know how to counter it. L2P", consider the following: heal blobs are consistently a problem in a large number of the veteran+ games I play. There are several other people on my team besides myself, so it not being countered is not exclusivly my responsibility. When the heal blob is on my side, the entire enemy team is failing to counter it. If this is the case, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, healing needs to be looked at. The counters are clearly either too hard to pull off relativel to how easy it is to form a heal blob, too hard to unlock limiting that task to just higher-end players, insufficienctly fun, leading people to not want to do it, or simply insufficiently intutive / effective. Regardless of how things SHOULD play out in regards to healing, the way the ARE playing out is not good. It needs to be looked at.