I haven't been able to figure out its behavior. If I'm trying to hit a corvette moving quickly, I expect to have to lead. If I do that though, the guns often don't converge (or converge at a very long distance), and the shots miss. Instead, I often have to point right at the 'vette, at which point I can see my guns automatically attempting to lead.

I then try pointing my guns directly at a destroyer that's either scooting along or sinking down. The guns make no attempt to lead and the shots all miss. I have to manually lead the shots to hit.

Either system is fine, they both have their merits. The problem is that the game seems to constantly switch between them with no indication why or that it has, other that your shots missing.

Simply moving down (ideally with power to engines) is a very effective way to make life hard for the assault blinker. Hopefully players thinking assault blink is too strong will get it themselves, and then realize how challenging it can be to use / the things that counter it.

LYB-FooJub#4039 posted (#post-213050) said:

If you can't wait 15 minutes out of a 1440 minute day for better account security, I really don't know what to say to you. Besides get it right the first time :p

If it really is 15 minutes after one attempt, then that is unreasonable. Some people only have an hour or so in a given day that they can devote to games. That'd be a full quarter of their time gone because their finger slipped, or they didn't notice caps lock was on.

In-combat healing needs looking at. Yes it requires teamwork and yes it has counters, but it's far too dominating of a strategy. Also, the teamwork it requires is only kind of teamwork. Everyone can be playing selfish (though smartly) with 0 communication and form a very effective heal ball. A lot of the counters involve communication and coordinated strikes, which is far harder to set up.

When the game comes down to one mechanic and trying to counter that one mechanic, I'd say that's indication of that mechanic being too strong. Even if it can be countered, it's too dominating a factor in the meta of a given round.

I've wondered the same thing. I can't think of any reason to use them.

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Agreed, this is wrong. Beam weapon aim should be direct. It's really annoying when I aim my beams at a Corvette and I have the white targeting/tracer line on him the whole time, but my beam itself isn't actually firing. Nothing happens, I just "hit" the guy with the tracer ray.
Then, when I aim ahead, leading, my beams suddenly start firing, but still with a lot of breaks.

Definitely NOT how beams should work.
That's exactly what I've been encountering. Very counterintuitive, and actually makes the beams very awkward to use. At least with projectiles I can SEE the travel time, and adjust my lead acordingly. (Still wouldn't mind a lead pip, but I can understand why the devs apparently decided against that)

I tried turning aim assist off, but noticed no effect. I'm on mouse and keyboard, if that makes a difference. Either way, it's good to know I'm not imagining things. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, as it makes hitting a fast-moving target (what the beam presumably is supposed to feel at) an exercise in frustration. It also just generally doesn't "feel" good to have the beam so out-of-sync with your aim. Fun ship, but I really dislike using that main gun.

I would argue that when healing (and countering healing) completely dominates the meta game, that's an indication it needs looked at.

What if a heal-block effect was added to either the "disrupted" or "drained" effect? Those effects are widely available even in recruit, and would generally make healers less effective at keeping people alive under-fire, without compromising their ability to patch up people who have taken cover.

I think I'd prefer to see it on "disrupted", as I'd like "drained" to get an energy-block effect that stops getting energy from ANY source for the duration.

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Posts like these are a lot more helpful if you explain how.

I've been playing around with the Jupiter tec cruiser and generally having a fun time, but I'm getting frustrated with its main weapon (the beam). I can't seem to figure out the right amount of lead! It seem that it, being a laser beam, would require no lead at all, but if I keep my crosshair dot right on a fast-moving enemy, the laser trails way behind and does no damage. Is this some sort of odd latency thing? I was under the impression that this ship was supposed to excell at anti-corvette, but I have more trouble hitting the little things with this "instant" beam than I do with most standard guns! Any help or suggestions are appreciated.