Come hang out in our TS3 and Play some Dreadnought!

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I have never seen someone whine over something so trivial, shut up and eat your humble pie.

And you actually took time off from work LMAO!

$40.00 paid for a service is not trivial. If it was free, no worries. Happy to test. But paid service with no disclaimer and services no delivered....

And now with further login issues. Not looking good at all...

Good Rebuttal minus the insult thrown in about math smile

How do you justify the lack of transparency with the late start as being "Scheduled Maintenance" and what would you say to very eager folks who took the day off work to get in and play?

Also how do you justify Hero ships STILL being unavailable to a large percentage of the Founder base?

Access is directly mentioned, it being a mouse over or in an FAQ doesn't make it any less relevant to what you are purchasing. Again 12-13 hours late. If you ordered a movie on PPVTV for 48hours and didn't have access to it for the first 13 requiring you to wait that would be unacceptable. Why should the games industry be held at a lower standard than other businesses?

5 Hero ships are also directly mentioned and still not accessible to a bunch of people.


Even on Steam when you buy into an Early access it has a warning "INCOMPLETE PRODUCT" Bugs and other issues etc. etc.

No such disclaimer here. Huge legal problem for them. I'm simply asking for in game credit for lost time. Imagine if a class action law suite came out of this?

Ever wonder why wow and other companies give game time compensation after long service outages? Same reason.

Selling an incomplete product without disclaimers is very risky business.

I clicked a link via an email advert.

I landed on a purchase page which again had no mention of an incomplete product. In fact it states even in it's FAQ on the purchase page that I get a 2 day head start with NO mention of possible service interruption. Based off that I am missing 25% of what was advertised, plain and simple.

I bought and paid for a product and during that process has no mention of services possibly not being delivered in full as promised nor is it covered in the Terms of Service.

I paid for a service and that service wasn't delivered as advertised.

You have to buy the Hero ships if you have Founder's Pack!?

Hey All,

I bought into the Founder's Pack with one of the selling points being that I get to play 48hours before the Closed Beta Test. Due to the delays on getting servers up I believe that all founder's pack purchases are due compensation for the lost time. Not to mention those of us that stayed up expecting servers to come online at 12am and took the day off work.

I'm interested smile Hanging out in the Airlock channel of the TS3. Waiting for an admin.