Another highlights video added to the list:

This one focuses on Dreadnoughts only gameplay moments.

Two new Dreadnought highlight reels at the top of the list to share:

The latest includes kills, deaths and other firework moments with Artillery, Corvettes and Destroyers. The other is focused on Tactical Cruisers.

This update worked perfectly for me, thanks Snib!

A friend of mine was not so lucky it seems. He told me when he uses the new shortcut via Steam it tells him his Dreanought is out of date, it displays the regular Dreadnought launcher and says to try the shortcut again once Dreadnought is up to date. The thing is, his Dreadnought is already up to date. He is able to play just fine when using the regular launcher to play the game. But going the Steam shortcut he keeps receiving this update message and will not launch the game as expected. He's running Windows 7 x64.

Any ideas?

Thanks again, really appreciate your efforts!

I'm having a problem with Snib's launcher ever since update 1.11.1 rolled out. Now when I attempt to launch Dreadnought via the steam shortcut I get an error which reads:

Could not find file:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Greybox\Dreadnought\DreadGame\Run_MmogBrain.bat.

Anyone else?

Long-time beta player, first time here in the forums.

Thought this might be a good place to share a Dreadnought highlights video I made recently:

More to come!