False. I don't own a Skyhopper.

The person below me thinks that Janeway is the worst of all Star Trek captains.

You are correct... you spelll it B E N J A M I N S I S K O.

Darkloser#6427 posted (#post-1079)

Thank you for all the answers so far.

Rebounding on the Alien lifeform answer, will you plan on making other playable species and according ship designs for the players ? Or you want to keep the story and action to be exclusively centered on mankind (or something that looks human).

This is a very good question. Unfortunatly we are not ready to answer it just yet....

However, as you might know, Dreadnought also has Single Player that is focused on the backstory of the game universe.

Ionenkanone#1226 posted (#post-1025)

Pretty easy question. How is the devolpment going what are the main goals at the moment and how many ship are disigned. Just want to know about the standing to get a feeling for whats coming.

Excuse any mistakes please english isn´t my native language.

We are currently in Friends & Family and getting ready for the closed Beta phase (no, we don't have a date yet... please be patient).

Currently we have 5 different classes (Dreadnought, Destroyer, Tactical Crusier, Artillery Cruiser, Corvette). Each class will feature different ships.

According to your signature you are aware of the Lectitio Divinitatus. :)

Praise the Omnissiah!

CosmicNite#9570 posted (#post-798)

Will it be possible to mark an enermy target for a synchronised team attack?

Yes, you will be able to do that.

Esarhaddon#6061 posted (#post-837)

In the panel at pax east there was a time that the screen during the ingame footage went fuzzy and static laden. There was a comment that it wasn't video error; care to comment on emp, jammers, or the type of countermeasure that causes such a phenomenon?

Sounds like someone got hit by a Scrambler Missile.

CosmicNite#9570 posted (#post-812)

Dreadnought is going to be free to play :) What are your current business model plans?

How are you going to make money :)

I would be happy to see cosmetic items for sale, premium accounts for accelerated XP gains, maybe premium fighter ships.

Personally I don't like premium consumables ie buffs heals or ammo.

I know it's still very early day's


You won't be able to purchase anything that will give you a direct gameplay benefit like one-shot-kill weapons. Dreadnought is all about big spaceships and our goal is that captains are able to build their own unique vessels.

Nyanko#3267 posted (#post-800)

I have a question about the power management system.

Will it be possible to bind each choice (weapons,speed,shield or nothing) on a separate key without having to use the toggle?

I have two concerns about this. First. it is a waste of time to have to toggle and then choose. Secondly. it will be even more cumbersome on a gamepad like the xbox 360 cause the 4 choices could be directly bound to the directional pad just like in Elite Dangerous. Thanks.

We can't go into details, but we plan to have different options for captains to manage the energy of their ships.

CosmicNite#9570 posted (#post-798)

Will it be possible to mark an enermy target for a synchronised team attack?

Yes, you will be able to do that.

CosmicNite#9570 posted (#post-774)

What are your long term goals for Dreadnought? Do you eventually see DLC or Expansions on the horizon? If so any clues on what they might be :D

Dreadnought is free-to-play and therefore we can (and we want) to constantly expand the game and the universe.