Dedadude#1215 posted (#post-744)

About multiplayer: there will be "bountyes", like you have to kill a certain number of times a random selected enemy from the opposite team?

There will be something along those lines, yes. But we will talk about this later... so please be patient.

Unrealxs#1195 posted (#post-719)

Will there be dinosaurs in a particular map? Or abandoned space monkeys in ancient NASA shuttles?

Dinosaurs are awesome! If we wouldn't make a game about big spaceships, we definitly would make one about dinosaurs. But coming back to your question... so far there is no sign of extraterestial life that is similar to what we know as dinosaurs. But space is pretty big and maybe one day the crew of a Dreadnought will encounter them... or find a lost NASA shuttle.

CrocDoc#8764 posted (#post-716)

I am pretty sure you are going to add in-game purchases and microtransactions for real money. Are these going to be for buying the skins or they will be to buy equipment for the ship.

You won't be able to purchase anything that will give you a gameplay benefit. So there are no golden super-weapons that will kill you enemy with one shot. Dreadnought is all about big spaceships and therefore we first and foremost want to give all the Captains out there the possibility to build their own iconic ships using different paint jobs and color patterns, or figure heads.

drmarianus#7618 posted (#post-713)

Follow up to my previous question, will there be various game modes similar to how WarThunder does multiplayer where there is an "Arcade" mode where game mechanics/controls/damage, are simpler and more forgiving, and more simulator-esque modes where you have more control over your ship and there is more realism?

The controls in Dreadnought are pretty straight forward (ASDW for moving the ship, space and shift for ascending and decending, etc.). Simplify them even more will be difficult.

Having an isolated test area where you can try out differnt ship configurations is something that we would like to have in the future.

drmarianus#7618 posted (#post-712)

Will you be adding damage models to the game instead of straight up health bars?

For instance, you have various modules like shield generators, targeting arrays, sensors, life support, etc., and if you lose one of them it impacts ship performance. Like if your targeting array/sensors are damaged or destroyed, your accuracy decreases.

At the moment we don't have any specific hitzones, but we definitly want to try somthing like that out in the future. We have to be careful though as such an addition might have an impact on the core gameplay.

Separate Q&A threads are the way to go. Everything should be well organized all the time to keep things tidy and easy to find...and this is not just the German Producer with a quirk for structure and processes talking. ;)

EMpulse and Drakane will set up some Q&A threads in the different sections for you.

Thank you for the warm welcome! We are happy that you like Dreadnought and glad to be around to answer questions, get your feedback and give you some insight on what we are doing.