Good Day. Captains!

Just boarded my first ship yesterday on Oklahoma, Eden Prime . Its a very awesome experiance and I hope it only gets bigger and better from here! My PS4 Username is Wartornangel!

In consdieration to MrFlibble, that actually makes sense. Cant do anything with ship XP if its on a ship with locked out weapons systems. I experienced this with some confusion yesterday, myself.

And "boom"goes the PBX. Didn't know this was an issue but i can see the concern behind it. Well, then, cool on looking into it and hearing, Devs!

As I mentioned in another part of the Forum, If i cant find players in one mode, i try another one and tend to find them. Im in Oklahoma, so, yay me.

Well, I have noticed that even at around 0700 Central, you can find players in the Proving Ground. Its a hit and miss in the Team Deathmatch mode.