I took your advice and watched a few alpha videos and OMG the old HUD and crosshair was way better! I don't understand why they changed it..

I dont get it either

As a alpha tester i have been seeing a steady decrease in epicness over every patch.First it was the sound effects that were incredible before and every dreadnought shot had my subwoofer tremble and now? Its like firing a airgun toy. A mere plop and you can barely even see the shot that is supposed to be so massive.Then came the graphics and visual effects.If you compare the aiming cross in the alpha (look into the alpha stream videos on twitch) to the simple circle with a cross it looks like the game is evolving backwards.The Ship models and the way they moved used to be art in itself and now a corvette looks like its shoved by a monkey with rollerblades...

For the gameplay

I really like that its 8v8 now and i think it adds a great amount of opportunities to tactics/teamplay.

Thats where my positive part ends...

Playing those "new" ships feels like someone simply switched the numbers for movement speed and firing speed

for most of the ships while feeding massive amounts of speed to artillery cruiser captains.

The tier system basicly makes all the "new" ships you implemented useless as soon as the player reaches tier V after grinding for eternity (this grinding will also limit the fun for casual players massively).

Now to the "new" ships

Who thought its a good idea to just switch a few design features and numbers and throw it out as a "new" ship?

if you wanted more difference give them hull costomization options! (you can even earn some money that way instead of angry forum comments).


You really did improve matchmaking good job on that one

Progression System

Oh boy... Well you should have realized its bad by now. It limits the possibilities to a level where it feels like im playing with a fixed/given layout till tier 4 and WHY WHY do i not have any secondary weapons anymore?

For the ships i already said what i think about them and im not really against having the ships split into ship developers!. I think it brings in some more of the lore and i really love hearing about that.But we need a better way to unlock the desired ships instead of grinding for ages with ships were going to throw away again

That was in my opinion the best part of the "good old Dreadnought" that you were able to compete and even beat the higher tier ships with every other ship. It made it possible to develop a unique playstyle.

With all that being said i really hope you listen to your community and restore the former glory of my once favourite game

it has become so bad that im not willing to play anymore till some big changes are happening to a game that i invested a lot of time and even money in...

I was thinking about using the fighters but i just cant figure out how they work can someone teach me a bit or tell me the basics of controlling them or are they just flying around me?

I have a question about the reset will it give me gp in the worth of all the items i own or will it give me back the price i purchased them for? Just cause i own every single item in the shop XD.

I just wanted to ask if somone here still has a spare Gamescom icon code for me. I`ve been trying in the streams but im just not fast enough and i had to work during Gamescom.So if someone still has one feel free to message me here on the forum or ingame on the same name as here

Will we be able to see Dreadnought on the gamescom this year again?

I just wanted to know if the time of the official release is known already

Dont forget Plasma has a way higher range too

I would love to see and play Dreadnought on the Gamescom this year again