The mouse lag is the same for me. Surely this isn't working as intended? It's so laggy that using the menu for more than a few minutes gives me a mild headache.

I've tried it in 1080p. I get about 75 FPS.

Also, he's doing that with a GTX 660 - I have a 980 ti.

At any rate, I submitted a ticket with the link provided.

I made a post for this over in Player Support, but I've realized that actual bug reports go here.

I'll put my specs here for reference:

GTX 980 Ti Hybrid OC at 1500 Mhz

i5 3570K OC @ 4.4 GHz


1440p 96 Hz monitor

Windows 10

This game performs poorly on my computer. If this were just the usual beta optimization issues, I wouldn't be posting here, but my game has been routinely dropping below 30 and sometimes even 20 fps in matches, despite my hardware being more than strong enough to support a smooth framerate in more graphically intensive games.

When I run the benchmark, my display is generally smooth, averaging about 65 fps - lower than I'd like, but playable. In multiplayer matches, particularly when there are several other player-controlled ships in my field of view, my framerate tanks, hard. If they're fighting, it's even worse - battles cause my game to chug along at about 20-25 fps.

Changing settings has some effect, but very little - dropping everything to "low" brings the Benchmark average to about 75 fps, but this is still well below what it should be given my hardware and doesn't fix the issue of multiplayer games tanking my FPS well below playable levels.

Before anyone suggests reverting overclocks, I've tried that - predictably it just causes a small loss of performance. My drivers are current, and I'm on a recently-refreshed copy of Windows 10. Other games run fine - Shadow of Mordor with the Ultra texture pack runs at 85-95 fps at 1440p, for instance. Battlefield 4 runs fine, Elite Dangerous runs better than fine, and even the infamously resource-greedy IL-2 Cliffs of Dover runs fine.

My specs well exceed the recommended ones for this game, and I'm generally pretty tech savvy, but I am at a loss here.

If you'd like to see the log file, I've made a pastebin for it:

There are no spoiler tags, and I don't want to make a mess of the forum.

I don't know if it's disabled in BIOS, but I'll find out. I recently flashed it, so aside from my OC settings everything is still at the default. (I did try playing Dreadnought with the default BIOS settings, just in case, but it didn't help.)

I don't have another discrete graphics card installed, although my computer does have onboard graphics as part of the motherboard. (Intel HD Graphics, on an Asrock Z75 Pro3).

While the drivers are installed, I have the onboard graphics adapter disabled from the Device Manager. According to the logs in AppData\Local\DreadGame\Saved\Logs, it's selecting the 980 ti correctly.

If I want to tweak the game, should I instead put the changes into the AppData\Local\DreadGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Engine.ini file?

Thanks for replying! I tried making the changes you suggested, but nothing seems to have changed. In fact, the game doesn't even seem to reference the file - I tried launching it with the file renamed and nothing happened at all. It didn't give me any errors, or recreate the file, or anything. To clarify, I am editing the file BaseEngine.ini in Dreadnought\DreadGame\Engine\Config.

While performance in menus and the benchmark is a little subpar, it generally stays at/around 55, which I would consider playable. However, in games where there are a lot of players in the direction of the camera, it chugs - essentially I can view a ton of geometry, lighting, effects, and so on, and it'll run at a crisp 95 fps, then I'll rotate my camera towards a battle and it'll drop to 24 fps even if I'm just staring at the side of a hill and can't see anything.

I get this glitch sometimes, though I'm playing at 1440p.

The GUI seems like a glitchy mess right now.

Dreadnought doesn't even get 109 FPS in the benchmark for me, and I have a 980 ti. :/ Something is very wrong with this game's performance.

If you wanna make money off cosmetics, you have to actually give us cosmetics. Nobody cares about figureheads and decals you can't even see - ship models, paint colors, that kind of thing.

Add taunts, add weapon, shield, and engine colors. Ability/weapon effect changes.

If you have to seriously grind for this game, like you do in WoT/WoWS/WT, it'll die out. This game's appeal is that it's fun to pick up and play - most ships are sidegrades, and most weapon options are as well. Grinding is fun right now, because it's relatively quick and I get to unlock new toys.

It's not fun or rewarding when I have to grind for weeks to level up my ship's crew so I can not suffer an arbitrary penalty when shooting or repairing it, or grind so I can spend money on repairing a ship instead of upgrades. Plus, people will grind so they can drive a Tiger II or sail the battleship Yamato. Considerably fewer will grind so they can get a fictional spaceship in a setting they have no attachment to yet.

If you want to prevent high-level players from pubstomping low level players, just tier matches based on player level.

We don't want brackets, or to have to work towards a tier 5 ship. That's boring and grindy and why I stopped playing World of Thunderwartanks.

If you want my money, offer cosmetics and *only * cosmetics. I'll buy them. I'm a sucker for looking cool. But I won't pay into a game with P2W, and that's exactly what boosters/premium ammo/repair-costs-coincidentally-you-can-buy-ingame-currency-with-real-money are. The rhetoric about how it isn't P2W is nonsense, and we all know it's nonsense because it's been around for years.

The ship (ha, ha) has sailed for the World of Tanks business model. Everyone who wanted to capitalize upon it and improve upon it has, and the gaming community at large is tired of it. If you make this game a World of Tanks clone, it will fade into obscurity.

This game is interesting because it's a relatively casual spaceship brawler with fun customization options and sidegrade ships. If you turn it into a tiered grindfest, its playerbase will die.