I have this baby, can i play dreadnought with it? Guys?

Beta Launch Detected!!

-Whats that?!

-Seems like an error Sir, our instruments malfunctioned.

Hi, join and discuss what "game mode" would you want to see in Dreadnought. Maybe the devs will take a liking to some of our ideas, and make it real. Feel free to post any crazy new idea you have in mind, as well the all known fps game modes we all already know. I'll start with an easy one which we all know:


Two teams are divided between defenders and attackers, defenders will have a base to defend, respawning near it everytime they get killed, if they lose it, they will respawn to another base at a further point behind the first base. will have total of 3-6 bases to defend, devs can chose what they like. To win, the defending team must hold their position and successfully defend any base for an amount of time, be it 10 15 20 min. The atackers have this amount of time to destroy the first base, if they succeed the clock resets, and they advance for the next base, respawning in the one just conquered in case of death, so forth till they completely destroy all the bases to win the game. I guess, environment limit will be necessary for this game mode, as to only let atackers go to base A--B--C etc. in that order exactly. As for whom defends and whom atacks, the devs can either chose to make it random, or to make players to chose what role they want, or.. To make it a 2 round game, where the defenders and atackers switch places, in this case the winner would be the team with the highest base destroyed counter.

Feel free to post and discuss your game mode, or improve one already posted.

Just found i started this post in the wrong section, mods please move it to Game modes and maps. thx.

And here i was, expecting you asking for different UI for each faction of the ships, which in my opinion would be awesome. I dont know how people would miss the option for change ship in the start menu. For me it was there since day 1, clearly visible. Didnt played it though, just on vids and streams.

Earthling47#3991 posted (#post-381)

The game is set for a 2015 release. It is still in alpha at the moment. Beta will be announced when ready. Or so I was told in January...

yep, that bothers me a bit, i even saw the live stream when they said that. So january passed, february passed, we're in middle of march, and i dont see the light on beta anytime soon. What can i say the hype is real, and i want to play the game. Anyway cheers for the devs, keep up the good work.