Well, there will be squads of 2 - we will collect 2 squads of 2 in one team, how can we collect 2 squads of 4 in one team.

Add to where?

It is only possible to assemble a team after switching to Lenedary, since the game on the Veteran and the Lenedary is very different.

Better to write directly to technical support.

В саппорт попробуй написать - без них этот ребус не решить.

Aram Jones
Argyle Grim
Asaph Hall
Crom Gallant
Elias Revik
Gnamesh Kam
Jin Ebisu
Keiko Lee
Leto Elo
Mayra Citlali
Melville Blanco
Olga E. Custodio
Svetlana Kov
Tam Stalksy
Tomasz Ryuu
Yolanda Fudeng

Find a player by name send an invitation. If he is interested, then he accepts your invitation and appears in the list of friends.
P.S.: I accept invitations very rarely.

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