Agreed. The one sound that caught my ear as way better is the new JA Destroyer.
Sounds like Space Battleship PWNAGE.

Everything else that changed is a step backwards.
AC's are worse. with the possible exception of the Oberon one...the new sound is a bit more fitting...but it needs more POWER to be worthy.
TC's are worse. the attack beam sounds weak...the old one had BITE.
Akula Destroyer sounds worse. I can't even remember what it sounds like now. too unmemorable.
Did they do anything to the Oberon Destroyer? Let me know, can't quite remember if it changed.

I've mentioned this before in another Thread I made, and the devs liked my critique; saying that they could possibly change it in the future...that was a few months before steam launch though...

Sound Mixing improved with the latest hot fixing.
I haven't noticed a problem yet with the near miss incoming fire can't comment.

cool! perhaps it could be a down the road thing.

I listened to the new gunfire sound effects, and here's what I think of them:

Medic Damage Beam:

Old one feels more...damaging. New one isn't bad, but maybe give it a more sharp sound.

Sniper Fire:

Divided on; I like the deep reverb after effect, but it sounds really scifi-ey compared to the old "LAUNCHING A RAIL PROJECTILE INTO YOUR FACE"

what I would do is--
1. Use new sound effect ONLY with Oberon AC, the most high tech scifi-ey ships. (Rapid Fire would sound awesome)
2. Keep old sound effect with Jupiter Arms.
3. Mke extra sound effect for Akula Vector AC...something really sharp, with a booming echo; like launching a cannon.

Flak Fire:

Indifferent, but the new sound sounds like a doesn't feel as much like flak. perhaps use it with the more heavy versions of flak?

What do you think?

My comments on your points:

  1. No opinion, as I haven't tried the Dola. But I have heard it sucks.

  2. Totally agree. however, perhaps it could be: RECRUIT: T1, VETERAN: T2-T3, LEGENDARY: T4-T5.

  3. I think this may be mostly due to 2.

Thank you for pointing these out.

I back this up, but I would suggest the ability to click past it.

This is definitely an issue. My fans sometimes go over 90% on my gpu to keep it from overheating in the hangar. In matches the load fluctuates and the fans are down around 50-60%.