I'm hoping so. I started a thread about it awhile back and the general consensus is that it's bugged, which is making it inferior to T1 and T2 artillery cruisers since its damage if effectively halved with an atrocious reload (for its current state). I really hope this gets fixed soon because I was looking forward to that double shot smile

The energy touch pad responsiveness is atrocious. Idk if it's mycontroller in particular or not but I feel clicking R3 (or at least the option of) would be so much easier to divert energy to necessary functions.

oO-Shaolin-Oo#8610 posted (#post-131595)

Can you add a mapping which show the energy wheel by pressing R3 instead of using the touch pad ?

In a fight while moving the right thumb from R3 to the touch pad we can lost the focus on the ennemi ship.

Sarinoth#1880 posted (#post-128642)

As an avid artillery cruiser captain... Siege mode on the heavy class cruiser (even somewhat so on some mid class) ... Is useless. In my experience it has literally reduced overall damage output at the cost of a full energy bar and no movement.

On the light class artillery cruisers, it is a beast....but the heavier weights just do not fire fast enough and their normal rounds too high damage to make much to any use of it, as it doesn't multiply damage... It has fixed damage... Just adds splash.

Honestly it can at times be seen as detrimental to use it on the heavy class artillery cruisers

Wholeheartedly agree. Started off the open beta playing Artillery Cruisers for about a week and then had to shift to destroyer to unlock the Jupiter Arms heavy Artillery Cruiser, Ballista. The siege mode on that thing usually only lets me blast off 2 shots, as opposed to 3 or 4 with the T1 vessels from the other factions. Overall, I feel like the T3 heavy artillery cruiser (Jupiter Arms, Ballista) is inferior in every way compared to the T1 vessels from the other factions. It's slower, less maneuvrable, and according to the stats, does either the same or less damage than the T2 ships and has a higher reload time. Can anybody confirm this or shed some light on it? Thanks